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Northern Illinois Samoyed Assistance (NISA)

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Who We Are
Northern Illinois Samoyed Assistance (NISA) is a breed-specific rescue organization that finds loving homes for abandoned and unwanted Samoyed dogs of all ages.

Northern Illinois Samoyed Assistance placed its first Samoyed in 1984. Today, NISA has evolved to 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit status with the IRS, is an Illinois corporation and holds a Department of Agriculture Shelter license.

The principle goal of NISA is saving healthy, good-natured Samoyeds from unnecessary euthanasia by placing them in permanent, loving homes.
NISA's Mission Statement specifics are listed below.
1. Find loving, permanent homes for abandoned or unwanted Samoyeds.
2. Provide education on the characteristics, health, diet and training of Samoyed dogs.
3. Contribute to the preservation and protection of the Samoyed in general.
4. Assist in controlling indiscriminate breeding of the Samoyed dog.
5. Assist in the prevention of cruelty to animals.

In addition to its primary rescue efforts, NISA serves as a complete support group to the community at large. NISA's assistance is equally available whether you got your first puppy from a breeder, utilized a local shelter or acquired your Sammie through NISA. Counseling on feeding, behavior, grooming, general health, obedience classes and more are always available to any "Proud Samoyed Owner."

Please visit our web site at:

Northern Illinois Samoyed Assistance (NISA)
P.O. Box 218
Arlington Heights, IL 60006
Phone: 847-255-4815

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