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Who We Are... 

Adopt A Husky, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to finding permanent, loving homes for Siberian Huskies displaced through no fault of their own. These homeless stray, abandoned, and occasionally abused dogs are fostered by caring volunteers in loving homes, provided with the highest quality of veterinary care, and spayed and neutered. 

Our ever-expanding number of volunteers has successfully placed over 650 deserving dogs since 1998, dogs ranging in age from three months to ten years, whose only crime was not having been raised in an environment that understood this breed. Siberian Huskies are high energy, gregarious, independent, and intelligent animals. They were bred to run, and their ancestors have performed this function in harness on sleds for many generations. Unfortunately, many people purchase them from pet stores, puppy mills, or unscrupulous backyard breeders, places that are solely interested in the dollars they receive, and who do not provide prospective buyers with the proper breed information. As a result, many of the dogs end up in shelters as strays. Occasionally we are asked to take a dog that has been removed from an abusive situation by the authorities.

The Adoption Process...

...begins with a completed adoption application. This allows us to get to know you and assess your husky "readiness". We cut no corners when it comes to finding the right owner for each dog. We think every husky is perfect, but every home is not-otherwise we wouldn't be needed. Once we have a completed application, we'll make an appointment to meet with you at your home to get to know you better. We also require your existing pets to be up to date on all shots and heartworm preventative prior to placing a dog in your home. We are the ONLY voice these dogs have, and we work very hard to ensure each placement is in a safe environment. An adoption application can be found on our website

All of the dogs are...

* spayed/neutered prior to adoption 

* evaluated for trainability and temperament

 * up to date on ALL shots,including Bordetella(kennel cough)

 * heartworm tested and on preventative

* micro-chipped for identification

 * registered with AKC's Home Again program

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Adopt A Husky Inc.
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