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Who We Are

We help the Elderly keep their companion animals for we believe that people TOUCHED BY AN ANIMAL are BLESSED with better health, happiness, and messages of unconditional, mutually-needed LOVE...and we believe that kindness to animals, the Elderly, and each other GENTLES our world.
We provide a LIFETIME HOME for tossed & found kitties -- or better yet, we find them committed ADOPTIVE HOMES...fore we believe that CATS-ARE-PURRSONS-TOO, deserving of respect and care for their needs throughout their lifetime.

Adopting a friend

Simply call Sister Marijon Binder at 773-728-6336, and tell her you would like to adopt. You can come by the house and see all of the wonderful kitties in purrson!

Come Visit Us!

If you would like to volunteer or visit call us at (773) 728.6336.

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P.O. Box 59067
Chicago, IL 60659
Phone: 773-728-6336

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