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Who We Are

Westie Rescue of Missouri is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation licensed by the State of Missouri and the State of Illinois to provide rescue, fostering, medical, and adoption services for abused, abandoned, neglected, and/or homeless West Highland White Terriers. Westie Rescue is an all volunteer organization which is funded by donations. Westies are fostered in private homes during rehabilitation or until adoption.

A donation of $350 to $450 is required unless otherwise stated. ALL donations are 100% tax deductible. Adopters are asked to choose within this range of what they wish to give. Adopters are welcomed to give above this range if they wish. Your donation helps to cover the following care for ALL of our rescues:

Veterinary costs, Spay/Neuter, Rabies Vaccine, 5-way which includes (Distemper, Parvo Virus, Parainfluenza, Coronavirus, and Leptospirosis), Heartworm Test, Dental Cleaning if needed and any medical care necessary in order to prepare our rescues for their new homes.

Adopting a Friend

Do you have room in your heart for a Westie companion who isn't 'show quality' and may have a quirk or two or special needs??

If you answer "Yes",

1. FIRST You should fill out an application form on our web site. Click Here: ADOPT ME. REMEMBER - these are not perfect dogs - we are looking for PERFECT families! Read this section CAREFULLY! We can NOT adopt to homes with children under the age of 8 years old unless they have Westie experience. This is due to the terrier behavior and legal liabilities. Puppies are rare and will NOT be adopted as gifts. We look for perfect homes for imperfect dogs.

2. If you live in our adoption area where a volunteer resides and a dog is currently ready for adoption, we schedule a home visit with you. Otherwise, your application is filed until a dog becomes available for adoption and a home visit is scheduled. All approved applications are kept on file until a dog is placed with the applicant [we ask that anyone who applied to adopt a Westie and, subsequently, acquires another dog to notify us so that we can remove them from our files]. If some time goes by and you have NOT been contacted, please write and ask the status of your application. WATCH EMAIL - we do A LOT of our correspondence via email! If we do NOT hear back from you within a few weeks, we will presume you no longer wish to remain on our active list. Resubmitting your application is then required.

3. When a rescued Westie is ready for adoption [medical care and/or rehabilitation completed], each approved application is checked to see which one(s) most closely match the needs of the dog.

4. Westie Rescue calls the applicant(s) selected and arranges an interview regarding the Westie in question and potential new family.

5. The best family for that particular Westie is chosen AFTER an evaluation of all factors - the family is NOTIFIED at that time. Do NOT assume you are the chosen family unless you have been directly contacted and told you are APPROVED for that certain Westie.

6. The new APPROVED family then signs the Adoption Contract and provides an adoption fee which goes to cover program expenses, including veterinary costs, transportation, phone bills, etc.

7. Westie Rescue makes routine follow-up calls to assure that the re-homing of the Westie is successful and to resolve any questions before they become problems. We also encourage families to send photos and experiences for the use on our site.


We do NOT ship dogs by air. Adoptive parents may fly in and pick up their dogs and take them back as airline carry-on, or they may arrange ground transportation.
Many of our dogs are fostered through out the state of Missouri and surrounding states. We DO adopt out of State - but require the adopting home to assist in the transport of their new Westie.

Volunteering and Donations

Volunteers and donations are always welcome and needed and are tax deductible.
If you would like to help us with rescued dogs [transportation, fostering, grooming, etc.] or with other rescue activities [events, fund raising, administrative work, etc.], please email us.
All donations [monetary or in-kind] may be sent to Westie Rescue at our address or via PayPal on our site.

Westie Rescue of Missouri
Kansas City, Missouri

Email:Westie Rescue of Missouri

Web site: Westie Rescue of Missouri

For EMERGENCY Assistance in reporting a Westie in need, email or contact Westie Rescue USA at :http://www.westierescue.com/

DO NOT PANIC - leave message - a volunteer will be in touch ASAP!

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