Great Pyrenees Rescue of Greater Chicago

Great Pyrenees Rescue of Greater Chicago

Sponsored by the Great Pyrenees Club of Greater Chicago (GPCGC).

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Who We Are

Great Pyrenees Rescue of Greater Chicago is an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization devoted to (1) placing orphaned and displaced purebred Great Pyrenees in responsible, loving homes, and (2) educating the public about the Great Pyrenees breed. We know and love this breed, and want each and every adoptive family to learn to know and love them as we do.

Adopting a friend

Potential adopters are requested to complete an Adoption Application. After a family/individual has submitted an Application to Great Pyrenees Rescue and a preliminary screening process has occurred, arrangements will be made for a Rescue volunteer to visit the potential adoptive home to ensure that the dog is going to a permanent, loving home where all members of the family want a dog of this particular breed, and are willing to provide a suitable environment. Further, we could not possibly suggest potential adoption matches without first knowing your family and situation. The right dog may be available immediately, or it may take several weeks until the pyrfect match is made. An improper placement, or one in which all the details aren't known, can end tragically — usually for the dog. When you take ownership of your rescue dog, you will be required to sign a legal binding Adoption Contract detailing the level of care that is required for all Great Pyrenees Rescue Dogs. The Adoption Contract includes the requirement that if, for any reason, you are ever unable to keep the Rescue dog you are adopting, the Rescue dog must be returned to our care. (Thus, if an adoption does not work out, the dog must be returned to GPR, as our adoption contract states.) The Adoption Contract also requires adopters to enroll in a basic obedience instruction course within 30 days of adoption. All responsible dog people, regardless of what breed they ‘fancy,’ will tell you that basic obedience training is crucial for developing a happy relationship with your pet. An adoption fee is required to help us defray our medical expenses and continue our rescue efforts: $300 for rescue dogs between the ages of 1 to 5 years of age, and $200 for rescue dogs over the age of five. We provide follow-up counseling to make sure the dog settles into the pack (family) well and remain friends with our adopters for years to come...

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Our continuing efforts depend on monetary donations,
temporary care homes, and volunteers.

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Great Pyrenees Rescue of Greater Chicago
Serving Northern Illinois and the surrounding Chicagoland area.
Sponsored by the Great Pyrenees Club of Greater Chicago (GPCGC).
Phone: 847-668-PAWS (7297)

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