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There are several dogs and cats at the Animal Shelter that need homes right away to avoid being euthanized. Please call 217-935-3488 for more information.


Rabies Clinics are held every year in March on Saturdays, in the mornings and afternoons. They are held in the towns of Wapella, Clinton, Waynesville, and Weldon. Watch Second Chance for Pets on Facebook, the newspaper and posted flyers to see when and where we will be in your town.

Who We Are

DeWitt County Animal Shelter

The DeWitt County Animal Shelter was formed in the early 70's after a new law was passed in Illinois that required counties to establish an Animal Control Program. The Shelter was built around 1972 or 1973, as required by this law, and according to state specifications. The current Administrator and Animal Control Officer is Tamara McFeeters. Mary Ella Menenga is the shelter Veteranarian. For many years there was no adoption program at the Shelter, so the animals were euthanized when they weren't reclaimed. In January 1991 though, that all changed when the DeWitt County Board passed a new Animal Control Ordinance that allowed animals to be adopted from the Shelter. Since that time, two not-for-profit organizations have helped adopt out animals from the Shelter. The current organization is Second Chance for Pets. The organization donates food, supplies, vaccinations, and vet care when needed for the Shelter animals.

Second Chance for Pets

Second Chance for Pets is a not-for-profit organization, begun in 1998 and made up of volunteers, most of whom have full-time jobs away from the Shelter. We work closely with DeWitt County Animal Shelter and Animal Control. We constantly strive to find suitable adoptive homes for the Shelter animals, through ads and pictures placed in the local newspapers, and on the Petfinder website. Because of this, hundreds of animals have been saved and have avoided death by euthanasia. We also rely on good foster homes to care for animals from the Shelter until permanent homes can be found. The shelter and Second chance provide vet care and vaccinations for any Shelter animal or foster care animal. Second Chance maintains this website on Petfinder, so that the animals can have as much exposure to future adoptive homes as possible.

Needless to say, we are always in need of volunteers and good foster families. We also accept monetary donations to help with all of these efforts. Our future dream is to raise enough money to build an animal care facility, as we do not have a building of our own. To volunteer or make a donation, PLEASE call 217-935-3488 and leave a message, or mail to: P.O. Box 243, Clinton, IL 61727. Also, if you are interested in adopting any of the animals you see online, call us and one of our volunteers will return your call within 24 hours at 935-3488. Our adoption fees vary as some pets require more vet care than others, but are in no way unreasonable.


Adopting a Friend

Adopting an animal from the Shelter needs to be carefully considered, as there are certain rules and regulations that have to be followed by state law. An application has to be filled out by the person considering adopting an animal from an animal shelter or humane society. The person's background is checked to determine if the person is suitable to adopt an animal. If a person is approved for adoption there is a 24 hr. waiting period for adoption. All animals must be fully vetted (spayed and/or neutered) and vaccinated before adoption. If not already done, the newly-adopted animal must be spayed or neutered within 30 days, or when considered old enough by a veterinarian, in the case of a very young animal.

ATTENTION: Animals with (SC) behind their name are in foster care all others are in the county shelter.

Please pay close attention to the animal's description, as there may be an additional phone number to call. Some of our pets are in foster homes and the best person to tell you about them is their foster parent.

Come Visit Us!

If you are interested in viewing a pet we have for adoption please contact Second Chance or The DeWitt County Animal Shelter for an appointment first. Although the shelter has business hours 8:30 - 4:30, due to on call they are not always available so please be sure to call FIRST. They are closed weekends and holidays. Second Chance for Pets may also be contacted AFTER normal hours, WEEKENDS, and HOLIDAYS by calling 217-935-3488 and leaving a message. Someone from Second Chance will contact you as soon as possible, normally within 24 hours.


From the West: From Springfield, Illinois, take Rt. 54 East to Clinton. Take Rt. 54 (turns into Van Buren Street) through Clinton to the Rt. 54 & 10 intersection, then take Rt. 10 to Weldon Springs Road. Turn right. DCAS is located on the right on the corner at 5955 Weldon Springs Road next to the EMS building.

From the East: From Champaign, Illinois, take Rt. 10 West to Clinton. Turn left at Weldon Springs Road about 1 mile east of Clinton. DCAS is located on the right on the corner at 5955 Weldon Springs Road next to the EMS building.

From the South: From Decatur, Illinois, take Rt. 51 North to Clinton to the 4-way stop light and turn right (East) onto W. Van Buren Street (Rt. 54 East) and go through the Rt. 54 & 10 intersection, then take Rt 10 to Weldon Springs Road. Turn right. DCAS is located on the right on the corner at 5955 Weldon Springs Road next to the EMS building.

From the North: From Bloomington, Illinois, take Rt. 51 South to Clinton Business 51 South, go south to a 4-way stop sign, then turn right and follow Rt. 51 South (Grant Street) to the second stop light. Turn left at the stop light onto E. Van Buren Street (Rt. 54 & 10) and go through the intersection of Rt. 54 & 10, then take Rt 10 to Weldon Springs Road. Turn right. DCAS is located on the right on the corner at 5955 Weldon Springs Road next to the EMS building.

2nd Chance For Pets in Coordination with Dewitt County Animal Shelter
PO Box 243
Clinton, IL 61727
Phone: 217-935-3488

A Link to Second Chance Website and Adoption Application
Please use the link above to fill out and email an adoption application for one of our pets.

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