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Several Irish Setters are in need of loving homes right now! Could that be you? We can refer you to several Irish Setter Rescues across the US and Canada.

Who We Are

The Western Irish Setter Club's Rescue and Adoption Program is dedicated to the welfare of all needy Irish Setters. The program is part of a national network through the Irish Setter Club of America that rescues these wonderful dogs from animal pounds, inhumane living conditions, and other situations which leave owners unwilling or unable to keep and care for them.
We assess the condition of each dog, provide any necessary medical attention and tests, arrange for spaying/neutering, and then place the dogs in foster homes until a permanent home can be found. Our goal is to place all rescued Irish Setters in homes that will provide both the love and care the dog needs for the rest of its life and the opportunity for the lucky new owner to enjoy the loyalty and devotion an Irish Setter has to offer.
Don't be surprised if a Rescue representative asks as many questions about you as you ask about the dog. In fact, be happy that Rescue is concerned about where these dogs are going. We want to make sure the dogs are going to appropriate homes where they will be happy and well cared for their entire lives.
When you adopt an Irish Setter from the Western Irish Setter Club’s Rescue and Adoption program, our members are always available to help. Whether in person, by phone or email, many of our members offer advice on housebreaking, training and grooming. If you have questions or just want to talk dogs, we will be there for you.
If you are interested in adopting an Irish Setter, please contact one of the rescue volunteers.

Adopting a Friend

Please contact JanRedDog@msn.com or muttsgo@aol.com for up to the minute information.

Volunteering and Donations

Foster homes are always needed! Western Irish Setter Club Rescue and Adoption Program
Western Irish Setter Club

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