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In order to help spread the word regarding the Clearwater Humane Society, our Executive Director has been asked to speak at various community organizations. The Clearwater Tribune features our pets and success stories on a weekly basis. The Clearwater County Sheriff's Department is active in our efforts to prevent and intervene on animal neglect and cruelty cases.

Who We Are

We are a non-profit 501 (c) 3 group of volunteers centered in Orofino Idaho dedicated to the care and rescue of abandoned and stray dogs in Clearwater County. Our foster homes provide a temporary 'safe house' while pets are evaluated for temperament and health. Each dog and cat are vaccinated and neutered or spayed before they are available for adoption.
We believe the best and most effective way to lower the stray population is to promote aggressive neuter and stray programs.
Donations are our only means of support. The community has been very generous in getting the word out and supporting our efforts on behalf of the strays.

Adopting a Friend

For more information about adopting any of the pets you see here, call 208-476-9823 and leave a message for Sherrie. Inquiries about animals for adoption can only be answered by calling us. Posted below is an adoption form you may fill out and e-mail to clearwaterhumanesociety@gmail.com. (Please contact Sherrie before filling out the form. She will let you know when you need to fill it out.)
Contact us today! You may discover your 'best friend' waiting to be adopted!

Clearwater Humane Society Adoption Form

(Copy and paste this form in a new e-mail message, fill it out, and e-mail it to clearwaterhumanesociety@gmail.com; or, print it, and mail it to the address listed on the form.)

Clearwater Humane Society

“Friends of Trooper”

P.O. Box 2063

Orofino, ID 83544

(208) 476-9823


Address (City, State, Zip):
Telephone (Home/Work/Cell):
E-mail address:
1. What kind of pet are you looking for?
2. How many children in your home and their ages:
3. Who is your veterinarian?
4. Do you rent or own your home?
5. If you rent, does your landlord permit you to own a dog or cat?
6. If you rent, do you live in an apartment, condo, or house/mobile home?
7. Are you willing to schedule a home visit for this adoption?
8. Where will the dog/cat sleep at night?
9. Do you have a fenced yard?
10. How tall is your fence? What kind of fence is it?
11. Where will the dog/cat be kept while you are at work or away from home?
12. Are you prepared to handle the cost of having this dog/cat (food, toys, leashes and collars, vaccinations, grooming, unexpected emergencies)?
13. Will you need to chain or tie this dog?
14. Has it ever been necessary for you to give up a cat/dog?
15. Do you want your new cat/dog for a (put X in all that apply): guard dog ( ) companion ( ) watch dog ( ) companion for another dog/cat ( ) companion for a child ( )
16. Please list the pets you currently have in your home (include whether they are dogs, cats, etc.; their breed, age, gender, and whether they are spayed/neutered).
17. In the case of puppies and/or kittens, Clearwater Humane Society retains ownership of the puppy/kitten until the puppy/kitten is altered (spayed/neutered) and has had all required vaccines per Clearwater Humane Society protocols. It is agreed by the signature below that any non-compliance with the above statement allows the Clearwater Humane Society, immediately upon request of the Clearwater Humane Society, to have the puppy/kitten returned to the Clearwater Humane Society.
All the information in this application is true and I am stating that I am prepared to take full responsibility for this dog/cat. I also agree to keep this dog/cat for its entire life. This dog/cat will be a companion pet only. If I have to give this animal up for any reason I will return this dog/cat to the Clearwater Humane Society.
At the time of adoption Clearwater Humane Society relinquishes all responsibility/liability of the adopted animal to the new owners that have signed/electronically submitted this form.
Name (please print):
Date: Clearwater Humane Society
PO Box 2063
Orofino, ID 83544
Phone: 208-476-9823

Email: clearwaterhumanesociety@gmail.com
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