Sioux City Animal Control Center

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Who We Are

We take in all the strays in the siouxland area. We initially hold all animals for a period of 7 days which will allow the rightful owners to reclaim them - If they remain after the 7 days, then they are placed into the adoption program. Please check out our web site at:

Adopting a friend

The cost to adopt a dog is just $65 ($100 For Pit Bulls) - Cats are just $10! - these prices include the initial preventative shots and de-worming. As per City Ordinances, We are unable to adopt Pit Bulls or mixed breeds which are predominantly Pit Bulls within The Sioux City Limits.

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Sioux City Animal Control Center
2121 18th street
Sioux City, IA 51105
Phone: (712)279-6968
Website -
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