Homeless Kids at Hotel Jordan's FluffyButts Rescue Resort

FluffyButts Rescue Resort

Go see the kids I've kicked to the curb!


Who I am and how I got here

Woo-Hoo. Hey. Up here!! LOOK UP!! It's me......Jordan. I'm livin at the Rainbow Bridge now, but don't think for one hot New Yorkie minute that I'm not still the self-pawclaimed Boss of EveryPuppy of the Universe. I know what's going on down at Hotel Jordan's FluffyButts Rescue Resort - same ol' crap....Mom's STILL bringin home buttloads of homeless kids, and she's connin the other FluffyButts foster homes into helpin her.

Here's how this works: Mom and her friends make sure each homeless kid gets to the dogtor to get sliced-n-diced (the girls) or get their pieces whacked off (the stupid twits), shot (with medicine), get their toofers shined up, and anything else they need to get healthy, so they're all ready for their new homes. There's always more kids checkin into Hotel Jordan and the other foster homes so keep watchin the site.

Oh, yeah, one more thing....I'm still tryin to rid the world of puppymills, one by one, by flyin over 'em, scopin out the action, and then lettin the rescuers know where the kids are bein held hostage. (That's me in my own private fighter jet in the pitchur at the top of this page.) Puppymills are BAD PLACES!! Say it with me...."PUPPYMILLS ARE BAD PLACES!" Make sure you and all your friends NEVER buy a kid from a pet store - most of those kids are puppymill kids and if ya buy a kid from a pet store, you're supportin the mills. Tell all your friends 'bout how bad puppymills are, please and thank you.

If ya wanna know more 'bout me, click HERE.
"The misery of keeping a dog is his dying so soon; but to be sure if he lived for fifty years, and then died, what would become of me?'"
Sir Walter Scott

If you're innerested in being adopted by a homeless kid, fill out an ADOPTION APPLICATION
but please be patient cuz Mom's kinda-sorta-really busy. Thank you.

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