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Partners in Hope

Rescuing abused, neglected and unwanted dogs and cats is an extremely demanding and often stressful mission. We accomplish daily miracles with the support, in time, resources and talent, of the following individuals and businesses. Through their support, the number of strays we are able to save continues to grow. A heartfelt thanks to our partners in hope:


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SHELTER PROJECT UPDATE In the December 2012 edition of the Fetch Newsletter it was announced that AWF purchased land. Yes you got that right; AWF owns land in Jones County for a future animal shelter!! It is located on the west side of Highway 151 at the north end of Monticello where Highway 151 and Business 151 intersect. It consists of 8.68 acres and has great potential for many uses. AWF will be holding a meeting for the public to roll out the good news and discuss the future of AWF and the Animal Shelter in Jones County during the month of January. At this meeting, we will also introduce you to AWF's board members and let you get to know them. This has been news in the making for the last nine years. What a wonderful way for AWF to celebrate its tenth anniversary with the opening of an animal shelter in Jones County in 2013.

If you would like to help with fundraising efforts for the shelter or to learn about other volunteer opportunities, please contact AWF at (319) 975-8283 or If you would like to make a donation, please send a check to: AWF Shelter Fund, 22407 Bus Hwy 151, Monticello, IA 52310.

OVER 900 DOGS AND CATS HAVE BEEN SAVED from death row in Eastern Iowa since our founding in March 2003. We do not focus only on helping puppies, small dogs and popular breeds; we help every dog that is picked up by Jones County. That means we save old dogs and young dogs, healthy dogs and blind dogs, dogs with parvo, heartworm, shattered hips and broken legs. In addition, we have also helped dogs at overcrowded shelters from other counties by taking them into our Good Citizen Prison Dog Program, giving them a chance at a happy life. Through this program we have saved dogs from the following counties: Jones, Linn, Johnson, Poweshiek, Cedar, and Benton.

Thank you to the individuals and businesses who support our work! Each week brings more stray dogs. Please continue to support our efforts so that we can continue to offer hope to these homeless animals. You can also help by spreading the word about our Web site, Please tell your friends, relatives, neighbors and coworkers who are looking for a family dog to visit our site and use us as a resource.

DONATIONS ARE ALWAYS NEEDED AND APPRECIATED We always welcome donations of collars, leashes, pet porters, dog food and money. All are put to good use in helping to save the dogs in Eastern Iowa. Thanks to your support, these dogs and cats have hope!

The AWF Adoption Advantage

When you adopt an Animal Welfare Friends Dog, you are at an advantage, because you are receiving many Pluses. AWF's Adoption Advantage includes the following:

Total Well Dog Care

All vaccinations (rabies/corona/distemper/parvo), heartworm check, and heartworm preventative, flea preventative, tick preventative, ear mite preventative and worming for a broad spectrum of intestinal parasites. While some groups and shelters worm for the most common intestinal parasites, AWF pays an additional $15-$20 per dog to treat each dog for tape worm, hook worm and round worm, in addition to common parasites. If a dog tests positive for heartworm, he/she is treated. We recently had an Urgent Dog fighting for his life, and we provided whatever veterinary care was necessary to help him recover. Cost is not a priority; making sure that Sonny regains his health is our priority.

In spite of the fact that we provide a minimum of over $200+ in vet care per dog (based on Cedar Rapids rates), we have adoption fees that are competitive and usually don't cover the cost of what we invest in the pet. Dogs are $175 (unless otherwise noted on a dog's bio). We work hard at our fund-raising--selling T-shirts, having bake sales and rummage sales--so that we can cover the majority of vet care expenses and maintain an affordable adoption fee.

AWF's Spay/Neuter Policy for Puppies & Kittens

We are committed to doing everything in our power to eliminate pet overpopulation. This means NO dogs, puppies, cats or kittens are released from our ownership until they have been spayed or neutered. This also means we do NOT make money on puppies and kittens, as many rescues do, by releasing the animals unaltered and after only their first vaccination.

Dog Behavior Evaluation

Two AWF volunteers have received dog behavior evaluation training at Cedar Valley Humane Society in Cedar Rapids and the nationally-acclaimed Sue Sternberg workshop. AWF has made a financial commitment to training volunteers in behavior evaluation because we believe this is an important responsibility of each animal shelter and rescue group. Behavior evaluation provides a baseline for establishing dog behavior and it is an important tool that is helpful in making the best match between families and dogs.

Helpful Handouts

When you adopt an AWF dog, you receive a packet of materials that is provided to answer common questions we receive from new adoptive families, as well as coupons to provide cost-savings in several areas. Our Adoption Packet includes:

Coaching and Counseling

Many of our volunteers are knowledgeable in dog behavior, nutrition and training/behavior modification. Most of our volunteers have multiple pets and have themselves dealt with pet behavior issues. We encourage our adoptive families to call upon our experience and expertise. Many times, we find that adoptive families do not take a behavior issue seriously at first, and by the time the pet's behavior escalates into a full-blown problem, it becomes very difficult to change the pet's behavior. So call us. We want you and your pet to be friends for life. And if you encounter a pet problem that we have not dealt with before, we are happy to refer you to our favorite professional dog trainers.

Next Meeting

Our next general meeting: To be announced.

Who We Are

Animal Welfare Friends is a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization. We realize that the stray dogs in many Iowa counties have no animal shelter to take them in and therefore, have no chance of being adopted. In many areas, stray dogs are held for 7 days and if not claimed, are automatically euthanized. Most dogs are not claimed because their families have intentionally abandoned them. Animal Welfare Foundation is working to give these dogs and cats a chance to be adopted into secure, caring homes. Our efforts have saved the lives on homeless animals in the following Iowa counties: JONES, LINN, JOHNSON, CEDAR, POWESHIEK, BENTON, KEOKUK and MUSCATINE.

Adopting a Friend

Adoption fees for dogs depend on their age. Puppies are $200, young and adult dogs $175, and senior dogs $100 unless otherwise noted on a dog's bio. Cat/kitten adoption fees are $75 to $100. The cat fees are on a sliding scale, enabling you to choose the fee that is right for you.

Come Visit Us!

If there is a particular pet you would like to meet, please contact us at (319) 975-8283 or to find out if the pet is scheduled for an appearance. Or you always have the option of setting up a private meeting with the foster home.

Animal Welfare Friends
Mailing Address: 22407 Bus Hwy 151, Monticello, IA 52310
Phone: (319) 975-8283

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