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Because of personal reasons I am no longer going to be able to continue doing rescue, I will still help anyone who needs to place a pet but I will no longer be able to take them in and foster them. Please contact me for more information. THANK YOU! Please contact the rescue or shelter listed for each pet some of these animals are listed as a link to shelters or rescues and the pet listed may already be adopted or rescued, please go to their web page for pets looking for homes, some of these pets are URGENT and have very little time to get adopted before they are euthanized.



PLEASE READ IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN ADOPTING A PET FROM WAGS & WHISKERS PET RESCUE Anyone who does rescue can tell you how much time and money it takes to do rescue, most of us work full time and spend all of our free time and money caring for our rescues. Rescue IS NOT a money making deal. Most of our money comes out of our own pockets, we get a few donations, sponsers and adoption fees. This money is used for food and vet care for our rescue animals but is in no way enough to cover all the cost. For this reason we CAN NOT return adoption fees if the adoption does not work for any reason. If we had to keep enough money on hand to pay back adoption fees to everyone who adopted a pet we could not save the lives of any other pets, so if you adopt from us and your pet does not work out please consider your adoption fee a donation. You will be asked to sign an adoption contract if a contract is not signed when you come to pick up your pet you WILL NOT leave with the pet. If you have any questions on our adoption policy please feel free to ask. THANK YOU!!!

Adopting a friend

I do ask for an adoption fee. This fee is to help cover the cost of any veterinary work the animal may need. The adoption fee may vary depending on the amount of veterinary care needed by each individual animal. The average fee is $70.00 for dogs & $35.00 for cats, this is to help cover cost of their shots and spay & neuter. All pets must be spayed or neutered before adoption, unless they are under the age of 6 months, if the pet is under 6 months of age when adopted you will be asked to sign a spay/neuter contract, you will be given 30 days after the adopted pet turns 6 months old to have it spayed or neutered.(NO EXCEPTIONS) If you would like to adopt a pet from Wags & Whiskers you must first fill out and adoption application and set up a home visit. If possible I like to bring the pet along on the home visit, this way the prospective adopters can meet the pet. WE DO NOT SHIP, ALL ADOPTERS MUST COME IN PERSON AND PICK UP THEIR NEW PET.

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PLEASE DO NOT JUST SHOW UP, YOU MUST MAKE AN APPOINTMENT TO MEET A PET. Our community dose not have a shelter, the pets are housed in foster homes or they are being kenneled.Please make an appointment to meet one of our pets by using the contact information listed with each pet, if the pet is with another rescue, shelter or with it's owner you will be asked to follow their adoption policy. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT WE WORK FULL TIME AND CARING FOR THE ANIMALS TAKES MOST OF OUR FREE TIME,SO IT SOME TIMES TAKES US A FEW DAY TO ANSWER YOUR EMAILS & PHONE CALLS, IT ALSO TAKES A FEW DAYS TO CHECK OVER APPLICATIONS. THANK YOU!
Wags & Whiskers Pet Rescue

Red Oak, IA 51566
Phone: (712)623-3795

Email: rmshearer@redoak.heartland.net
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