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Cedar Valley Standard Poodle Rescue has been on Petfinder since September 12, 2002.

Who We Are

Cedar Valley Standard Poodle Rescue was formerly called Iowa Poodle Rescue, but we changed the name to reflect our location, near Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and our focus, which is Standard Poodles.  Although we used to try to help the smaller dogs, we found they were at risk for inadvertant injury when mixing with the larger population that we generally have bouncing about (we own several Standard Poodles, ourselves).  As a result, we generally refer folks who need placement for Miniature or Toy Poodles to other rescues in the area.  Our favorite is Little Paws Dog Rescue.

We are a very small organization and keep any foster dogs in our home, which is why you don't find shelter hours for us, or a phone number.  You'll reach us much more easily through email than you ever would with a phone call!

We rescue Standard Poodles because we love them, but we have to admit that they are also "easy" -- there are seldom any Standard Poodles in this area that need homes, and they are usually extremely easy to find homes for.  Some years we may place 3 dogs... some years, we may not get any calls about dogs needing homes at all.  If we have any dogs available, they will be listed on Petfinder.  We don't keep a waiting list.  

Adoption fees vary widely based on the circumstances of the dog in question, and may include a specific donation to a local non-profit shelter of our choosing.  We are not a non-profit organization and so do not accept donations.    Since we are not a non-profit and do not have a dedicated shelter building, we are characterized by Iowa law as an Animal Dealer.  Our license number is #3737 and we pay a yearly licensing fee of $175.  We are subject to inspection by personnel from the state's Department of Agriculture. 

Thank you for your interest in our organization and our dogs!


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