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Who We Are

Agape Foster is a State Licensed in good standing, 501 C3 Non Profit Charitable Org. We are committed to assisting and placing homeless animals into loving, responsible, lifelong, indoor homes. We are a small but mighty Rescue/Shelter. We are one of the first Pet Rescues in Iowa and still standing. Agape Fosters is also committed to educating folks on the need for spay/neutering, regular preventative vet care, where and where not to get a companion animal, and how to choose the pet that is best suited to join your family. We do not have regular business hours yet try and be flexible with new adopters schedules. We always start with email first and then precede from there. So please email first if interested in a pet. In 2010 we incurred more cost $$$$ then any other year due to many dogs/cats needing extra medical care, redoing a building, putting in a furnace and more fencing. In 2012 we tore out the building floor and replaced it with a nice floor that is sealed and added a couple roomy kennels and built a feed room, this was over $15,000 to make things a little nicer while they wait for the right home. The regular costs of housing a homeless pet includes food, medications, treats, toys, dishes, blankets, Kuranda beds and towers, spaying and neutering, vaccinations, Heartworm treatment and preventative and FIV/Feline Leuk testing, electric/gas bills, transportation, kennels, litter, the list is endless to offer a safe, warm/cool housing, lots of exercise and socialization is # 1 for us here. Please consider Agape Fosters as the non-profit you donate to.

Adopting a friend

We take our responsibility of finding the right home for our animals very seriously. Many of the animals we place come from less than ideal circumstances. Quite often they have been neglected, dumped, and sometimes abused, but most often by no fault of the animal the owners simply decided they don't want the responsibility of their companion animal anymore. When you adopt a companion from Agape Fosters they are up to date on their shots and testing, and all have been spayed or neutered. We are able to assess their personality, temperament and needs to determine the best home environment for them. We ask the potential home to give serious thought about a potential new 4-leg family member, read up on breeds specifically to make sure they think the animal will be a good fit for their household and that you and they will enhance each others lives. An Agape representative will consider if the home is the right fit for the animal and makes the final decision. Once the adoption is approved the animal can go to their new forever home. Agape Fosters charges an adoption fee. It runs from $55.00-$100.00 for cats and $150.00-$300.00 average for dogs depending on age, breed etc and this helps defray the costs of all the pets that come into our care.

Volunteers and Donations!

You can also help Agape Fosters by educating people about spaying and neutering their pets, by adopting from Shelters, Rescue groups and only highly reputable breeders, and by NEVER buying from Pet Stores except when adopting Rescue cats and dogs. We are a 501 C-3 non profit org. and donations are tax deductable, needed and appreciated. We also have a legal fund set up to help with fighting for justice for the abused, neglected, tortured and forgotten animals in and out of Iowa. And also you can contact Agape Fosters at for info on how to mail a donation. Here is one story (2013) and Facebook page about a tortured puppy case we played a big role in putting a National and beyond limelight on, offered a Reward and are making sure this puppy affectionately named Caleb is not forgotten. You can also find us on Facebook Agape Fosters Thank-you for helping us help them! To Donate through PayPal


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