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Our Featured Dog... Vinney

A playful youngster at approximately 1-year of age, Vinney lives for love and is a total sweetheart who tries with all of his might to be a lap dog. With his mix of pedigrees, Vinney is one smart pooch and will surely pick up house training in no time flat.

Our Featured Cat... Prudence

Prudence is a very loving cat with lots to share. She really has a personality that brightens up a room. Please take a chance on this gal and apply today.

Who We Are

People For Pets is a non-profit organization devoted to finding loving homes for abandoned pets. We have an agreement with the City of Spencer, Iowa, to find homes for all stray cats and dogs not claimed within three business days. Before this agreement was made, these loving pets were put to sleep!

People For Pets helps pets find loving homes and people find loving pets. We also promote spaying and neutering to help control the pet population.

How to Adopt and Adoption Policies

If you would like to be considered for adoption you must complete an adoption application. E-mail to obtain an application. The application will help us know which of our pets might be a match for your lifestyle and household.

Please specify if you need a cat application or a dog application.

Please read each pet’s profile on our Petfinder site. We will specify any special needs or restrictions on each pet such as needing a fenced yard, a home with no children, home without other pets, etc…Please do not apply for an animal if you do not meet those listed requirements.

After we receive your application your references will be checked and a decision will be made. If we cannot match you to a pet it is not a reflection on your home or family, many of our pets have very special needs and have already been abandoned at least once in their life. We are very careful in their placement and will only place them in a home that they are a perfect match for, which will lead to a lifetime of love and happiness for the pet and the adopting family.

All adopters must meet the following requirements

Adopters must submit an adoption application – application must be fully completed and all questions answered very specifically, applications with questions left blank or not specifically answered will not be approved.

A vet reference must be provided that can verify the care of your past and present pets. All past and present pets must be altered (spayed/neutered), current on vaccinations, receiving regular annual check ups and vet care, dogs should be HW tested and on preventives and cats Felv tested.

The majority of our pets will be spayed/neutered before adoption. Any pet that is not altered prior to adoption must be altered by the adopter within 30 days or by the pets 6 month birthday. This is enforceable and required under Iowa state law, violating the spay/neuter clause will cost the adopter a $1000 breach of contract fee, all court costs, and can be prosecuted as a criminal misdemeanor in the state of Iowa.

People For Pets will adopt to outdoor homes under the proper circumstances but NOT to hunting ONLY homes. First and foremost he/she must be a beloved family pet. We do not adopt to outdoor homes or homes where the animal will be kept kenneled, chained or tied outdoors as its primary living arrangement. We do not adopt to homes where the animal is allowed to run loose.

We do not adopt dogs to homes that ONLY want a hunting dog. We require that first and foremost the dog be a member of the family and a companion dog. They may possibly be able to be trained for hunting, but may also not be suitable for hunting.

Once approved for adoption all adopters will sign a legally binding contract specifying the terms under which they will care for the animal and that People For Pets retains the right of first refusal if the animal ever has to be given up in the future. A $1000 breach of contract clause will be enforced if any of the terms of the adoption contract are broken.

Adopting a friend

We are an all volunteer organization with no paid staff or regular open hours. All adopters must submit an application and vet reference to be considered for adoption. After an application is approved we can set an appointment with one of our volunteers for adoption or to meet the available pets!

People For Pets does charge a nominal fee for adoptive animals. The fees help cover the cost of vaccinations, worming, veterinary care, spaying and neutering.

All animals are vet checked, vaccinated and wormed prior to adoption and most are spayed/neutered. Any animals with special needs will be declared as such. Adoption fees are listed below. Please contact us for a full copy of the adoption agreement.

Cats - $65-$125 (all cats are altered before adoption) Spayed/Neutered Dogs - $150-$350 (All dogs are altered before adoption) Please read our requirements below regarding adopting non altered pets.

People For Pets and Iowa state law, requires that any animal that is not yet spayed or neutered at the time of adoption, must be spayed or nuetered within 30 days of adoption. If the pet is too young at this date, then said pet must be spayed or neutered within 30 days of said pet reaching six months of age.

Support Us!

Support People For Pets with no cost or added effort for you! Simply search the internet and a penny will be donated to People For Pets with each search!

Gifts of Time

At People For Pets every hour of work put in at the shelter is donated by volunteers who are also busy with full time jobs, family and home lives. Our volunteers come in many times a day to care for the dogs and cats and transport animals to veterinary visits, adoptions and rescue placements.
Our volunteers also coordinate all paperwork, adoption applications, phone calls, inquiries, well as those fun tasks like scooping poop, cleaning and building maintenance.
If you can help please contact us today. Responsible adults are needed to do everything from daily dog or cat chores, to scooping poop, cleaning, lawn maintenance and building repair. Whether you can spare an hour a week or five hours a day we can use your help. Transport volunteers are also needed.

Monetary Gifts

People for Pets is a 501c nonprofit incorporated organization. Because we are staffed completely by volunteers, with a few paid staff, you will know that your gifts of money will go towards direct animal care such as veterinary bills, food and the costs of renting and running our shelter. With vet bills averaging over $1000 monthly, food bills in the hundreds each month and rent, utilities and more - the cost of keeping the shelter afloat really adds up! A gift of money is greatly appreciated. Please contact a volunteer if you can donate generously, a receipt can be issued to you for your donation. People for Pets is a 501c nonprofit incorporated organization.


Perhaps you have items laying around the house that we could use at our shelter? Or maybe the next time you're at the store you could pick up a few extra items to help all the homeless pets at our shelter? Below is our wish list for donations. Items that are most needed are in bold.

Scoopable Kitty Litter
Regular (non scoopable kitty litter)
Dog biscuits (like Milk Bone types)
Canned cat food - Fancy Feast preferred
Dog and cat toys
Outdoor dog houses in good condition
Indoor type crates/carriers - plastic or wire
Outdoor dog kennel panels
Large stainless steel food/water dishes-dogs
Small to medium stainless steel food/water dishes-cats
Leashes and dog collars (Med to XL sized collars)
Bleach, Pinesol and other cleaning supplies
Paper Towels and Toilet paper
Blue ProScrub 10" Refill for a Vileda mop handle
Stamps and envelopes
Copier Paper and Manila Files
Blankets or comforters (must be clean/laundered)
Occasionally we need used appliances or furniture, but please contact us first to see what our current needs are.

People For Pets
2312 Highway Blvd.
Spencer, IA 51301
Phone: 712-580-2738

Email: for an Application to Adopt!

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