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*to be a safe haven for lost, unwanted, needy dogs*

*to educate the public about responsible pet care*

*to find forever homes for all of our TLC residents*

*to encourage greater levels of respect, responsibility, and compassion toward both the humans and animals with whom we come in contact*

Our Pet List

Pet of the Month

If you want a 15 pound young adult, well-trained dog who is sugar and spice and everything nice, look no further than Darcy. Darcy has very few demands other daily brushing and love and attention. She is a quiet, eager-to-please little gal who wants nothing more than human companionship. She is content to just be in the same room with her person. She is a talented little climber who cannot be trusted alone outdoors even in a fenced yard....she doesn't want to escape....she just wants to find a two legged friend, so if you have a lap and time, she would be an absolutely awesome companion...check her out, okay?.


We would love to hear from you because we believe that by working together, we can make the world a safer, healthier, happier place for needy dogs. Our best contact is by e-mail at, or by phone at 712-272-3553....if you leave a a brief message and your phone number, or e-mail address, we will contact you as soon as possible. You can also check out our new website at Thank you!

About Us

The TLC Canine Center in Northwest Iowa provides shelter and responsible care for abandoned and homeless dogs, caring for these frightened, displaced animals until we are able to re-home them in forever, loving homes. We are a designated 501c3 not-for-profit organization, with no public funding, so we must operate in the most cost-effective way. We rely entirely on volunteer help. There are NO paid staff members.

Our goal is to enhance community attitudes about responsible pet guardianship. We conduct classes in area school classrooms and also offer instruction for adults. We encourage greater levels of respect, responsibility, and compassion toward both the humans and the animals with whom we share our lives.

We realize that we can't save all the homeless animals, but we help those we can, working within the framework of the civil laws to protect both the dogs, and human parties involved. We require that all TLC animals be spayed or neutered, and receive any needed medical attention. Potential homes are screened very carefully before placing a canine, always stressing the fact that a long term commitment is involved.

Why do we do what we do? Simply for the love of animals.

COMPASSION, KINDNESS, GENTLENESS, AND PATIENCE... toward our fellow humans, and toward all the voiceless creatures that are so dependent upon us...

The TLC Canine Center is located at 602 East Chaney in Newell, Iowa,. Mail may be sent to Box 373, Newell, Iowa 50568 . Due to the nature of our work, communicating by telephone is sometimes difficult. Thanks to e mail, we can stay in touch at odd hours., so e mail is our preferred mode of communication.....send e mail to

We love visitors, but since we are a totally volunteer organization, it is important to schedule an appointment rather than just dropping in at the Center. If you are interested in one of our dogs, please contact us by e-mail, and we will e-mail you our basic questionnaire which is the first step in our adoption process. If you choose to proceed, we will have an associate in your area contact you, and set up a convenient time to visit with you about a TLC adoption. Once approved, a time will be scheduled for you to come spend some time with your pawtential adoptee. Hopefully, you will be returning home with a new addition to your family and home.

Adopting A Friend

The TLC Canine Center is a busy place. We receive daily requests that we take a dog. We always have a waiting list and we work with shelters and legitimate rescue groups throughout the area, so that, if they have room, they help.

Our goal is to find a loving, forever home for each one of our awesome dogs. An adoption agreement must be signed regarding proper care of the animal. We require a home visit before considering any pawtential adopter. We belong to a wonderful network of dog lovers who will visit prospects living in their own areas.

We send the dog on a temporary basis (an overnighter, or a weekender) to see how the dog and people get along. We do not want an unhappy situation to develop. Since we feel that meeting the animal first is important to a successful relationship, we require that the interested party visit with the animal here at the shelter. (We do not ship dogs).

Usually the relationship works; if not, we gladly take the dog back to the shelter.

We sometimes have a dog for a few days, sometimes for a week, and sometimes for months. If a dog has been abused, or neglected, our goal is to rehabilitate him/her to make a good family dog. There is no time limit on how long we keep a dog.

We have had several dogs for years before we finding understanding, loving homes. Prospective adopters are screened very carefully before an adoption is competed. We want the adoption to work, both for the sake of the people and for the sake of the dog.

We realize that we cannot save all the homeless, abandoned dogs, but we continually remind ourselves of the STARFISH STORY. Many of you are familiar with that story, but we would like to share our version which is based on an incident that really happened to us:

It had been a long, stressful day, and I almost didn't answer the phone...but I did. A man explained that there was a tiny dog zigzagging through traffic in front of his main street store. "If you want to save her, you better come quick!"

When I arrived, sure enough, a frightened little dog was dodging in and out between speeding cars. I took out the hot dog that I had brought along, sat down on the curb, and held it out to the dog, calling softly. She would come close, then dart away; come close; and dart away. Finally, the temptation was too great, and I had her in my arms.

As she gobbled down the hot dog, I realized how painfully skinny she was under the dirty, matted fur. As I gently wrapped a blanket around her, a bystander said, "Why do you do this? For every dog you find a home for, there are a dozen more at the pound, two dozen more tied up and forgotten in backyards around the country, and thousands more being bred by unscrupulous breeders, only to end up unwanted and neglected. Why do you bother? Don't you know that what you are doing doesn't make any difference at all?" I smiled as I looked down into the eyes of the small, dirty dog. "But it does make a difference. It certainly makes a difference to this dog."

We cannot save them all....but we save the ones we can.

It is our goal to deal with compassion...kindness....gentleness...and patience...with humans and canines everywhere, and to make a difference when we can! BLESS THE ANIMALS: they have no voice; they have no choice....but WE do have voices and it is our goal to make life better for our companion animals. They need us!

Come Visit Us!

We are easy to find. We are just 10 miles east of Storm Lake, Iowa. It is almost impossible to get lost, cause Newell is a small rural town. The physical address is 602 East Chaney, and although we love to have visitors,we do need to know in advance when you would like to visit. The best way to contact us is by or .

We operate the TLC simply for the love of animals. WE COULD USE YOUR HELP!!!!

TLC Animal Shelter Canine Center
North Fulton and Chaney
Box 373
Newell IA 50568
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