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All of our animals are 100% vetted—up to date on shots and spayed or neutered through our vet if they do not come in that way. Dogs also tend to receive a grooming if they have become dirty, matted or their coats have grown out.

We have a pre-adoption form that everyone fills out. We check adopters against do-not-adopt lists and public criminal records. We want our animals to be safe, we're sure you understand!! Then, once approved, there is an adoption contract that every adult member of a household must sign prior to adoption. We also do home visits. A home visit is not a grading of your decorating abilities, or a white glove test, it is simply a quick evaluation of your home to make certain that our animals are going to a safe, healthy environment. 

Requirements for adoption:

Animal must be a primarily indoor pet for friendly, healthy companionship. We do not adopt dogs just to be chained in a backyard to live a sad lonely existence. The adopter must never use the Dog as an aggressive "guard dog" or for dog fighting or any other "sport" in which one animal is pitted against another. It is not advised that dogs are used for hunting, their history as strays makes them a likely candidate to get lost again. 

Above all, we want to make a good match between owner and pet, so that both have a lifetime of happiness. Lifestyles and Breed temperaments can be easily matched! 

In the event that your adopted animal does not work out, we gladly and happily will work with you to find him or her a new home. We'll want to work with you first on any behavior issues that may be preventing you from bonding with your pet, and we will ask you continue to care for the pet while we list here on Petfinder and advertise in the newspapers to locate a new home. Thanks! 


Who We Are


We are a small group of volunteers who have worked in the grooming, animal rescue and for-profit world of doggie training and daycare. We are always seeking to network and work with other volunteers on behalf of animals.Our Mission is to help re-home dogs. We are a mainly dog-oriented rescue, we help other companion animals (cats, reptiles, bird, rabbits and pocket pets on a case-by case basis) and can provide referrals to sanctuaries and specialty rescues.

We focus on finding loving and caring homes for dogs that are:

  • Abandoned or Homeless.
  •  Relinquished to High kill shelters and shelters that are at maximum capacity.
  • Owner-give-ups, especially owners who have passed away or had home foreclosures.
  •  Retired breeding animals—give a beautiful mother or father from champion bloodlines a chance to just be a pet.

 We emphasize the need to keep animals in their homes until the last possible moment, focusing on finding an adopter prior to relinquishment. We encourage owners to contact us several months before they need to relinquish ownership, in order for us to market and network on behalf of their pet. We also offer consultation on behavior problems that may be the cause of the owner needing to relinquish. We interview owners extensively to understand the history of the health and behavior of the dog.

We use the newspaper, Facebook and our extensive list of contacts to market and network on behalf of the animals. We often transport animals from and to other no-kill rescues. 


Come Visit Us

You can meet our animals BY APPOINTMENT You must call ahead so we can make sure the dog you want to meet comes by to visit on the day and time you are available to stop by. Most of our animals stay with the original owners or temporary owners a majority of the time. This keeps them accustomed to a regular routine, housebroken, and calm. 

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