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Please save a shelter dog or cat. They didn't ask to be born, but they are here and need a loving home.

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is "Wiz" & "Kid" These two brothers are quite the pair. They just LOVE each other and to watch them play, brightens even the worst day. Please come take a look. font>


Who We Are

Lake Animal Hospital in Storm Lake, Iowa is first and foremost an animal hospital, but we also have contracts with surrounding towns to bring in their "in town" strays. We work very hard trying to place the animal back with their families. Some people just don't care and never come looking for their pet. In this case, it's best they don't get their "property" back, because to them, the dog probably was property and not a beloved member of the family. We are NOT a no-kill shelter and we wish we could be, but part of the practices income comes from boarding and if we run out of room, strays must go. I am a foster for the practice and take out what I can and we haven't had to put anything to sleep for a while, but even one is too much. If you see an animal you like, don't hesitate to contact us ASAP. We do NOT take in dogs from other sources.

Adopting a friend

To adopt one of our animals, call for an appt. This is because not all the animal listed are at the hospital and I need time to get him or her there. We ask for a vet. reference and have you fill out an adoption form. If we think you are the right fit, you will probably get the animal. We won't adopt to impulsive adopters. We want to find these animals the perfect "forever" homes where they are considered part of the family. If you are looking for a dog to have so you can tie it out back..... don't get a dog. All our dogs are spayed and neutered before being adopted when possible, if not and they are too young, it is in the contract as to when it will have to be done by. NO EXCEPTIONS it is State LAW.

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We are at 107 W 16th St in Storm Lake, Iowa 50588 Right between Buena Vista Inn & Suites and the old Bomgaars building
Lake Animal Hospital / Shelter
107 W 16th St

Storm Lake, IA 50588

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