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This month we don't have a featured pet as we don't have any available which is good! I would encourage you to visit Furry Friends Refuge and/or AHeinz57 as they have taken a lot of our animals lately. They have some very nice companions that would add to any home! Thank you for visiting our website! Since we have been on Petfinder, we have found so many loving homes for our animals! It is people out there like you who contribute to saving an animal's life one at a time! We have had several inquires about donations. We do take donations and love to receive them especially since we are on a limited budget. If you want to send cash, please send it to Heartland Animal Hospital in c/o of West Des Moines Animal Control or Family Pet here in West Des Moines. Otherwise we also love to get supplies and to make it even easier, you can always drop supplies off to the West Des Moines Police Department anytime. Their address is 250 GM Civic Pkwy. All I ask is that you leave your name and address as we will always try to send out personal thank yous! Supplies that are always in demand: Tidy Cat litter Soft cat or dog food as that is a treat for them! Hard cat and dog food Blankets/towels If you do drop off dry cat or dog food, please make sure it is the smaller bags as we have limited storage.

Who We Are

We are West Des Moines Animal Control. We deal with all sorts of animal issues within West Des Moines, Ia., and we do limited coverage for Clive, Ia. These issues can include anything from dogs running loose, barking dogs, animal bites, feral cats, and even wildlife are things we take care of in our city. Last but not least of course are the strays we take into our shelter. Whether lost or abandoned, we feed them, care for them and provide them with a temporary home until we can find them a permanent home!

Adopting a friend

Since we are an Animal Control Unit, we are responsible for handling everything! Therefore we ask that you either e-mail us, or better yet, call our office and leave your name and a phone number we can contact you. We will return your call as soon as we can. At that point, one of our officers will get some basic information and set up a time to meet at our shelter. Since it is an unmanned shelter, we ask that when setting up an appointment time, that you try to be as prompt as possible! We may be small, but we will be as thorough as possible when trying to place our pets. That will include vet references and even possibly home visits. They are like family and for whatever reason (generally not good ones I am sure) they have found their way to us, and we want to make sure their next place is permanent! We also have recently changed up our coverage hours. We would prefer that you set up appointment times during the week Monday through Friday from 8am to 8pm. The weekends have been turned over our part timer. If you cannot come anytime except the weekend, arrangements could possibly be made in advance, but it would depend on circumstances.

Come Visit Us!

We are located at 14th and Maple in West Des Moines. We are in the City of West Des Moines complex between Holiday Park, and the fire station at the corner of 14th and Railroad. More indepth directions will be given if needed when an appointment is set up. We are looking forward to seeing you there!
City of West Des Moines
250 GM Civic Pkwy.

West Des Moines, IA 50265
Phone: 515-222-3364

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