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Who We Are

Tasha Ohana is a no-kill cat and dog sanctuary on 14 acres of land in Hilo, dedicated to finding forever homes for loving, socialized pets. Browse the pictures we have on this website (we don't have all of them listed on this website yet), and call to schedule a visit and spend a little time with the animals, and see which dog or cat steals your heart. You can also let us know what personality and energy level you are looking for, and we will make some recommendations. Be sure to wear old clothes, because the dogs will come running to greet you. We match the adoption fees of HIHS, which are $65 for a cat and $80 for a dog. You can better see the personality and energy level of a pet when it is in your home, so we consider the first few weeks a trial adoption period, and the adoption fee is refunded if the pet is not the right fit for you, and you return the pet to us. Senior discounts apply. All pets are spayed or neutered, up to date on shots, and many are microchipped. We believe in the pet being part of the family, not just a toy for the kids or a burglar alarm. The dog or cat certainly thinks he/she is part of the family!

Adopting your new best friend

Adopting a pet takes a lot of thought. Do you truly have the time, interest, and energy? Your pet MUST fit your lifestyle and energy level, or you won't be happy, and neither will the pet. There is no such thing as a hyper dog, some dogs just have a higher energy level than you expect. Beagles can easily run 20 miles in one day, and Jack Russell Terriers don't slow down until they are 10 years old (you see them on TV and in the movies because they are extremely smart, but they need constant mental stimulation and physical exercise). If you work full time, an adult cat or adult dog is best for you. Puppies and kittens are like infants, they take lots of time and energy and can easily wear you out. Obedience training for dogs is critical - most humans have no idea how to train a dog and end up encouraging unwanted behavior, then blame it on the dog! The average dog can learn 200 commands, including hand signals! Obedience classes are available in Hilo, you can't learn how to train a dog completely from TV or a book. We recommend group classes, so the dog can learn to behave properly around other dogs. Click the purple and green button below to see videos below on selecting & caring for a pet, dog training, and true adoption stories.

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Please call us at 959-4534 before coming, we're almost always home!

Tasha Ohana Animal Sanctuary

Phone: 808-959-4534 (on the Big Island)

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