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ACF's basic tenet is that animals are family not "pets".  As such our expectation is a home ready and able to give them permanent residency for the 10 to 70 plus years they will be family members.  We do not charge an adoption fee because this commonly translates into a believe that animals are property.  We do, however, have an application and interview process which is quite comprehensive to ensure that we do our absolute best to match the needs of both the family and the animals and to ensure the animals best chance of being adopted as a permanent family member. 

We do not adopt for guarding or working purposes. 

If the animal is a gift, we will require that the person being gifted the animal be involved if an adult.   If this is a child's gift, all parents and adults involved will be required to be responsible for the animals' care.  We get many requests to take aniamls as a result of misguided good intentions unbeknownst to an adult or as a result of a child who has been expected to be the primary caretaker and financial caretaker of an animal.

We ask questions about your ability to afford care.  We are also more than happy to explain the many options available through insurance, pet discount clubs and veterinary specific and other credit options available which people might not be aware are available to help them safeguard their new furry family member's health and safety!  Do not hesitate to ask about these programs.  We will not consider you unfit just because you don't know yet.  This is the mark of a good parent and it can be a confusing world.

In fact, we hope that you involve us in learning about all the aspects of parenting an animal long before you consider adding one to your family if you are new to animal parenting!  We are here to help!

Who We Are

ACF is an animal centric intervention nonprofit, helping guardians be responsible when faced with "animal problems". 

We are here to help you help your animal and will spend the time to help your animal and your family with resolutions appropriate to your situation and all involved.

Our adoptables are generally animals who come from the streets.  Many are totally healthy and well adjusted though we do help and will offer for adoption handicapable animals to families with the strength and willingness to help them thrive.  All our animals receive comprehensive evaluation on intake and all medical and behavioral issues of which we are aware are fully disclosed when you call or visit.  We also are happy to help with adjustment issues; bringing home a new child, human or otherwise will always cause a few ripples and we want to be involved to help smooth the waters!  Do not hesitate to call even for things you feel might "be nothing". 

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We are now in Maili, Waianae with a half an acre for the animals to use as they see fit and another 2 1/2 acres available when we're ready to expand!

Please calll to set appointment times 294-3670 and please take the time to complete the application on our webiste www.acfanimals.org before coming out!  This will greatly facilitate the adoption process so you can meet, greet and welcome your new furry family member home sooner!





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