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The Douglas County Humane Society often times is confused with Douglas County Animal Control. We are not, nor
do we operate DC Animal Control. Since we go out of Douglas County (Paulding, S. Fulton, Carroll, and others).

Douglas County Humane Society (DCHS) is a group of volunteers on a mission to help the animals and families of Douglas County.  We strive to help protect the animals through ordinances, assist families in need, and find good homes for animals that are in our foster care and need for their pets. We find good homes for animals that are in need of a new home and to those in foster care. We plan, organize, and host funraising events, so that we can continue our efforts.

We operate our Pet Pantry for animals whose owners are in such dire straits as not to have enough to feed them. And we
encourage those owners to do everything possible to keep their animal home with their family. Discourage surrendering
whenever possible. When not possible, we network through media to place animals of families in distress. We maintain
foster homes for those animals in transition, wait for that adopter to come forward.

DCHS is a team of volunteers whose mission is to help the animals of our community.

Our goals:

1. Keep as many animals OUT of the County Shelter as possible, from ever being surrendered, help keep them home.
2. Provide Spay or Neuter to those animals that need altering and whose human guardians cannot afford it. (while educating on the importance)
3. Continue pressure to upgrade the County Shelter for the Animals, while encouraging and supporting efforts—more on this side.

A donation of $65.00 will buy a spay or neuter certificate. We strive to help protect the animals through well written ordinances. Assist families in need.

Come Visit Us

Volunteer/Donation Center
8177 Cedar Mountain Road, Douglasville, Ga.  30134
(close to Cave Springs Road and Chicago Avenue)

The gates are never locked and food items can be left on the front porch area if no volunteers are on site.


Douglas County Humane Society

P.O. Box 747

Douglasville, GA 30133

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