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We will begin having meet and greet adoption events on Fridays and Saturdays at Petco (2115 North Decatur Road Decatur, GA 30033 404-633-5049) from 1-4.  Adoptions will not be on site as we will still require a home visit and vet reference check.

Adopting A Friend

To get more information or meet a Fighting for Dawn adoptable, please fill out our application at www.fightingfordawn.com. We will not call you without a completed application.  Our adoption fee is $250 for dogs and $95 for cats which covers age appropriate vaccines, microchip, spay/neuter, deworming, and any other extra medical needs (including but not limited to bloodwork, heartworm testing for dogs, FIV/FeLv testing for cats, dental cleaning). Our animals are all housed in foster homes in and around the Metro Atlanta area.  We will adopt out of state pending a home check by another rescue.  Adopters must travel to Atlanta to meet and pick up their new family member.  We will not ship or transport for any reason.  Adopter must pick up and sign contract personally.  Home checks are required for all adoptions.

Who We Are

Dawn was found in East Atlanta, GA February 27, 2012 in incredibly horrible shape by Denise and Charlie Stubbs. She was stumbling, barely able to stand, eating wood chips in a parking lot. Denise sat down and Dawn collapsed into her lap. Love and heartbreak was immediate. She weighed 24.2 lbs at 2 years old and her temp was 92.7. They took her to the vet to be evaluated and treated. The doctor told them she was within hours of death. She was anemic, heartworm positive, positive for every intestinal parasite, and covered in demodectic mange with a secondary bacterial yeast infection. She had yeast growing in her ears with open wounds. The first week, Dawn didn't sleep well and neither did Denise. There was always that fear of death. She could barely stand, she lost all of her hair, her gums were snow white and cold. She was on vitamins, supplements, sub-q fluids, antibiotics, high quality food. Dawn was on a very strict regimen of eating to avoid refeeding syndrome. Dawn is named after Denise's cousin, Dawn McWilliams, a woman of Amazon strength fighting breast cancer. That gave them all hope. 

Within a week of her rescue, Dawn was blooming. She began to grow her hair, gain weight, set the world on fire. She showed such amazing strength, determination, forgiveness. She trusted her new family and they helped her heal. At 3 1/2 years old and 1 1/2 years after her rescue, Dawn is now 61 lbs and solid as a rock. She is lovingly known by her loves as "Chunky Butt" and "The Queen". She is healthy, strong, heartworm free. Dawn is loved and has quite a following. She now enjoys playing fetch (but she must sit and shake before the ball is thrown), running zoomies with her best friend Super Emmy, and just being a member of a family who adores her. 

Dawn started a revolution. A small group began following her on Facebook in the beginning and within 18 months, she has almost 3000 loves and a 501(c)3 Georgia licensed rescue, Fighting for Dawn, that was founded in her name. When Denise found her, a fire was lit. Dawn is an inspiration, a link to a world that people try not to see. Dawn is a symbol of hope for those animals that are broken, abused, mangey, alone. Her rescue takes in the worst of the worst. One of their recent rescues, Suzie, literally had most of her skin slough off due to such terrible skin infections and mange. She is now healthy and beautiful. Winnie, a puppy with a broken back, was never supposed to walk. She now walks and runs just 6 weeks later. You can follow them and read their stories atwww.fightingfordawn.com.

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Fridays and Saturdays at Petco (2115 North Decatur Road Decatur, GA 30033 404-633-5049) from 1-4.  Adoptions will not be on site as we will still require a home visit and vet reference check.

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