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The Humane Society of the Southeast serves the southeast region of the USA -mainly the states of Georgia and Alabama.

Adopting A Friend

Adoption Events on Saturdays  - TBA

The Humane Society of the Southeast is made up of a network of volunteers, so please allow up to 48 hours for a reply to your inquiry.
HSS does require a mandatory Preadopt application, a veterinary reference, possible home inspection and introduction to other pets in the household (at the discretion of the foster guardian), then a signed legally binding contract -sealing the adoption of the animal to the new family.
*Only with an approved preadopt application, will a scheduled meet/greet be arranged.
All HSS animals will be spayed or neutered, current on vaccines, preventions and microchipped prior to an adoption.
Thank you for your patience and support for adopting a rescue animal!

Who We Are

The Humane Society of the Southeast, Inc. was conceived and organized to focus on the following goals in order to better serve the both the animal and human communities.

1)     To prevent cruelty to, to relieve the suffering of and provide humane treatment for animals.  To determine, then eliminate, the causes of animal suffering through various means, including education and community assistance programs.

2)     To advocate for pet population control and to assist the community to gain access to spay/neuter services.

3)     To educate the community on animal issues, including health, maintenance, legislation, and training.

4)     To develop a region wide network of integrated animal services.



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