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Our Story

Pup & Cat Co. is a non-profit humane society/foster home organization. We are a “no-kill” organization, which means we do not euthanize animals for space or financial reasons, so we ensure that every adoptable animal finds a permanent home. We have been rescuing dogs and cats for almost 15 years in a number of northeast Georgia counties including Barrow, Hall, Madison, Oglethorpe, Oconee, Clarke and Gwinnett.

Many of our animals come from county shelters.  Others come from people giving up their pets because they cannot or will not care for them.  Some are rescued off the street where they have been abandoned. In addition to providing for basic needs such as food and vaccinations, we also rescue many animals who are sick or injured and need extensive veterinarian care.

Pup & Cat Co. has a rigorous spay and neuter program, thus our motto:

~Don't Litter! Spay and Neuter~

A spay and neuter program not only makes a substantial difference in the number of homeless animals, therefore reducing the number of animals euthanized; spay and neuter can extend the animal's life and well-being by preventing various types of cancer that occur frequently in unaltered males and females.  Pup & Cat Co. spays or neuters every animal before he or she is adopted out.

In addition to spay and neuter, all of our animals will be fully vaccinated, dewormed and on heartworm and flea prevention.  Dogs will be heartworm tested and negative and cats will be Felv/Fiv tested and negative.  Puppies and kittens will be required to have further vaccinations at the appropriate time and age as per the recommendation of the adopter’s veterinarian and at their own expense.


Since Pup & Cat Co. is a foster home organization we do not have a physical shelter facility. Our adoptions are done by appointment or on adoption days.  We hold adoptions at the PetSmart in the Winder/Bethlehem location as well as in Buford, Georgia across from the Mall of Georgia every Saturday of the month from approximately 11:30 AM to 3:30 PM.  Please be aware that not all of our dogs and cats are brought to PetSmart on adoption days.  If you are interested in a particular dog or cat, please e-mail us in advance to check on whether the pet you are interested in will be available to see. If you need directions to the store, please call (678) 482-7449.

Our goal is to place the right pet in the best home for the animal.  We do our best to ensure that the pet you choose is the right fit for your home, personality, lifestyle, and family members.


A Pup & Cat Co. Pre-Adoption Application will be required to be completed for each animal. There may be a waiting period while the application is processed and references checked.

Typical adoption fees is $300.00 per animal, depending on the amount of vet worked needed.  Please keep in mind that some of our animals may have had extensive veterinary care and therefore may have a higher adoption fee to help cover their medical expenses.  Prior to completing a Pre-Adoption Application please check with Pup & Cat Co. on the adoption fee to be charged for the pet that you are interested in adopting. Also, please note that Pup & Cat Co. does not de-claw. Our adoptable cats that are front de-clawed have come to us that way.

How to Contact Us

Pup & Cat Co.
P. O. Box 1987
Winder, GA 30680
Phone: (770) 867-1622

For information on any of our pets please e-mail us at pupandcatco@windstream.net.

Please visit our website at www.pupandcatco.com

We have many large size fully grown dogs who are so hard to find good homes for.
If you think you have room in your home for one of these gentle giants, we need you!

Pup & Cat Co. is run solely by generous donations from you!

Do you realize that with every adoption we can go out and rescue another animal who is waiting in an animal control center somewhere to be saved?

By adopting one of our animals you really ARE saving a life!

Pup & Cat Co.
P.O. Box 1987
Winder, GA 30680
Phone: 770-867-1622
Our Web Site: http://www.pupandcatco.com
Email: pupandcatco@windstream.net

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