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New dogs are frequently arriving due to the neglect and abandonment of so many in this area.  If you do not see exactly what you are looking for, there may be new arrivals not yet listed on Petfinder. Please feel free to visit the website also for additional photos, videos and information.  www.saveoursoulsanimalrescue.org/

Adopting A Friend

SOS Save Our Souls does NOT adopt to those who want an outdoor only dog. These dogs have already lived a RUFF life and all deserve to be a part of someone's family and reside indoors with plenty of love and affection. They will give back 10 times what you give them. Rescue dogs are so appreciative when offered unconditional love after living on so little in terrible environments the majority of their life.  If you are looking for a pendant for the chain, a lawn ornament, or an outdoor security system, please DO NOT inquire here.  Thank you for your understanding and compassion towards these abused, neglected, thrown away, forgotten angels.

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My rescue is open to the public by appointment.  The dogs take 18 hours/daily of my time, so please only those who are seriously interested in providing a loving forever home need inquire. 

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