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Who We Are

CSRA Chihuahua Rescue, Inc. is a non-profit organization based in Evans, GA and is licensed by the Georgia Department of Agriculture as an animal rescue. Everyone associated with the CSRA Chihuahua Rescue is a volunteer. CSRA Chihuahua Rescue operates from donations and adoption fees.

Our mission is to rescue chihuahuas from owners who can no longer care for them along with those who are in "kill" shelters in the CSRA. These dogs are then taken into a foster home and cared for until the are found a loving home.

Adopting a friend

When you adopt a friend from a rescue, we have already done a lot of the work for you. They will be spayed or neutered, up to date on shots, on heartworm prevention, and micro chipped. An adoption fee of $175 is required to help cover the cost of these things.

Come Visit Us

We are at Petco on Washington Road in Evans, Georgia most Saturdays from noon to 3:00. We only bring a few dogs so if there is a specific dog you would like to see, please contact us at the email address below to let us know which dog you would like to see. If you are not able to stop by on a Saturday you can contact us by email to set up an appointment.


If you can't adopt, please consider a donation to our group. We have 501 (c) 3 status and donations can be tax deductible. Any donations made by check should be made out to CSRA Chihuahua Rescue, Inc. and brought to Petco on a Saturday afternoon. All funds donated go directly to the animals for food, medical care etc.

Items such as towels, baby blankets, dog food, beds, collars, and leashes can also be donated and are much appreciated.

Thanks so much for helping our babies in any way you can.

CSRA Chihuahua Rescue, Inc.
Phone: 706-863-8071

Email: CSRAChihuahuaRescue@gmail.com
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