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As noted by this week's SOAPS volunteers - "All the dogs today look and act like they are well taken care of, feel good, and are being fed an adequate amount. All pens were washed and fresh food given. Linda did her marvelous job as always taking photos and keeping up with the roster. The overall atmosphere at the shelter seems so much better. The pens that are empty have already been cleaned and ready for new residents. Loads of dirt have been brought in to fill in the low spots in the yard that stayed so mucky during the rainy spells. The dogs are barking because they are excited to see us; not the chaotic, desperate barking with jumping and chewing on the pens that they did during the winter months. My heart is full with hope for all good things that the Lyons shelter will be able to accomplish and provide for the residents under this new umbrella of supervision by Chief Walker and Officer Sikes. Linda and I had a really good day." Donations of dog food are always welcomed and may be dropped off at the Lyons City Fire Department 109 S. Lanier St, Lyons, GA 30436. The shelter is full and we need your help to save these wonderful animals. There are some beautiful and some of the sweetest tempered dogs you have ever been around at this shelter. Please cross-post, print & hang up at work...whatever you can to help us get these babies SAFE. Also please remember to place some identification on your pet, either micro-chipping, name tag or rabies tag on collar. We have many wonderful pets here with collars, but no ID.

Who We Are

The Lyons City Animal Shelter is a division of the Police Department in the City of Lyons, GA Due to capacity limits regulated by the State and the tremendous overpopulation in the area of unwanted dogs and cats, these animals lives are short lived. While working with SOAPS (Sweet Onion Animal Protection Society) to promote adoptions of these animals, it is the public's final responsibility to help end the overpopulation crisis in this area by spaying or neutering your pets.

Adopting a friend

Please call Animal Control Officer Will to set up an appointment for viewing and/or adopting a loving animal from this facility. His number is 912 386-2024 from 8:00am until 5:00pm. We never charge a fee for adoptions, and SOAPS will provide a $100.00 voucher towards the spaying or neutering of your new pet.

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City of Lyons Animal Shelter
100 S Lanier St
Lyons, GA 30436
Phone: 8:00am - 5:00pm 912 386-2024
After 5:00pm call Marla 912 537-3732
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