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Who We Are

The Cat Women is a cooperative effort, created for one simple purpose: to improve the welfare of deserving felines. The Cat Women don't shy away from difficult rescues, taking on situations that others find hopeless. We could never do this alone, however. We have plenty of help from local rescues, vets, and people like you. When critical situations arise, we call upon kind animal lovers to help us with the medical costs, rehabilitative fostering, and rescue placement. We are always in need of donations for our veterinary rescue fund. Please read more about some of these situations, and how you can help below in We Need Your Help.

Where Our Cats Come From

Our rescues come from just about anywhere: streets, neighborhoods, and people who can no longer care for them. They live with Good Samaritans and volunteers until the perfect, true home can be found. Volunteers provide temporary places where the cats are safe, loved, well-fed, and cared for medically. Space is very limited however, and because we would love to be able to help more pets, we ask that you consider lending a hand to The Cat Women.

Adopting a Friend

Unless otherwise specified in the pet's description, please take a moment and fill out our quick and E-Z online application form. (When you hit the Submit button, you will receive an Error message. Don't worry. The form will arrive.)
*NOTE on Declawing: We have no objection to adopting to someone who is looking for an already-declawed cat, as sometimes cats will come to us that way. But we do not allow any of our cats to be declawed after adoption.

We Need Your Help!

The Cat Women have set up a special fund (see Donation info below) to cover medical costs for issues ranging from serious trauma, to helping with spay/neuters for people who cannot afford it. We are fortunate to have a wonderful rescue vet who allows donations to be applied directly to an emergency rescue fund. Without this help, we would never be able to help some of these very deserving animals. One such example is "Violet," aka "Victor":

Violet was dropped off at animal control the day before Good Friday. It was obvious that she needed immediate medical attention, so we took her to our rescue vet. He determined that she'd been attacked by a dog or an adult cat--that her eye had been punctured by a tooth, and had abscessed. She also had an injured (abscessed) paw. Her eye needed to be removed, and her paw required medication. There was a long recovery period. FYI: It turns out that Violet is really a boy, so s/he is now named VICTOR! Here are pictures of what Violet/Victor looked like before surgery, and below them is a video clip after surgery that was made possible by donations:

Photobucket Photobucket

Video Clip:

Please DONATE Directly to Our Rescue Fund
to help cats like this!

Sweetwater Creek Animal Clinic
2785 Lee Rd
Lithia Springs, GA 30122
(678) 838-7387

The Cat Women
Douglasville, GA 30135
Phone: 770-949-7294

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