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Dear Friends, Adopters, Mentors, Long-time Supporters,

Atlanta Metro Guinea Pig Rescue has been so blessed over the past 8 years to have such faithful support from you.  We have saved over 500 guinea pigs during this time and either placed them in loving homes or kept them safe and comfortable until they passed away.  It has been an enriching experience, as I’ve not only made so many friends, but have learned so much about guinea pigs and people as well.  (Some things I probably could have done without knowing!)

I have a lot of things coming up this next year with my son being a senior in high school and then going off to college.  I can no longer dedicate my time to running the rescue, working part time, volunteering with East Cobb Robotics, and carving out free time for myself and family.

After 8 years, the rescue is shutting down.  This has been a heart wrenching decision, as I still love these little animals but I need to make some changes and this is the one that takes the most time.  It is only me running it.  Yes, I’ve had wonderful fosters (and still have some) over the years, but as they cycle in and out, there is a learning curve and that throws more of logistics and planning on me again.  I have no one helping with administration, emails (of which there are hundreds each week), or adoptions. 

This decision has not come lightly and is in no way because of finances.  We have been so lucky to have wonderful benefactors and a fabulous vet supporting this rescue over the years.

We will continue to care for the sanctuary pigs in the rescue. Right now we have 6.  SIX!  We still welcome monthly donations if you are sponsoring a sanctuary pig but understand if you no longer wish to do so.  If sponsorship does continue, we will notify you immediately when that pig passes away.

We will also continue to take back any pigs that were adopted from the rescue, should the need arise to rehome them. 

Any finances left over once all pigs are gone will be donated to another guinea pig rescue of my choosing.  I will also donate left over supplies to this rescue.

If you need to adopt, please contact Asheville Guinea Pig Rescue or Knoxville Guinea Pig Rescue, as well as check your local shelters and there is always Craigslist.  Be smart about adopting from the public sector though.  Know how to properly sex guinea pigs to avoid accidental pregnancies.  Know how to introduce pigs. It’s not as easy as throwing them in a cage together. Insist on a vet visit before adopting.

I will be available for mentoring and advice for anyone wishing to further their education or even begin their own rescue.    

Once again, thank you all for your support over the years.  You made a difference to this organization and to the lives of guinea pigs in Atlanta.

Warm regards,


Adopting A Friend

Guinea pigs, like all other animals, are a life to be valued.  The home you give should be it's forever home.  These are not toys to be discarded when the children outgrow them.  Instead, take this opportunity to teach the kids the value of responsibility and follow through.  As parents it is our job to teach this lesson to our children.  You don't rehome your kids when they become "inconvenient."  Why should you rehome your animals? 

When downsizing, you make sure you have room for all of your family members in the new home.  Please make sure you have room for the furry family members too. 

Please do the research on how much time, effort and space these animals take.  They are not easy "starter pets" as many seem to think.

Adoption fees are:

$35 for a single guinea pig (to a waiting cage mate only.

$50 for a pair (more if neutered male is part of the pair)

$75 for neutered male

Cage must be approved before adoption can take place. See www.guineapigcages.com for size requirements.
Please provide picture with application.

Who We Are

Atlanta Metro Guinea Pig Rescue is dedicated to the health and welfare of guinea pigs and to educating the people who care for them.

We are a small rescue, founded in 2008, with no more than 4-5 guinea pigs at a time in house and a couple of foster homes equipped to take up to 4 each.  Most times we are full and can not accept more.

Come Visit Us

We are a network of foster homes, not a facility.  Therefore, applications must be approved before appointments are made to meet pigs.  Please find the application on our website, www.amgpr.org.

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