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Longdog Rescue is currently in the process of obtaining it's 501c3 status.  We recently held our first board meeting and will continue the steps necessary to file our paperwork and become and official non-profit organization!!

Adopting A Friend

At a minimum, adopting one of our dogs will require an adoption application and a home check. We want to make sure the dogs we place are always safe and are the best possible match for both the pet and the family. To request an adoption application for a dog you are interested in please email our primary Georgia contact Erin Baker.   Adoption donations vary by dog and are based on the cost of care and the dog's adoptability.

Who We Are

"We are a nationwide group of volunteers dedicated to rescuing dachshunds and spaniels from shelters, as well as senior or special needs dogs of any breed." 

Come Visit Us

To check out our latest rescue efforts, please visit us on facebook at https://facebook.com/groups/longdogrescue/              


We hope to have our website up and running soon.

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