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Adopt Lola Click 'Adopt Our Local Pets' Link at right menu Our primary mission is to assist people with financial need in spaying or neutering their pets and/or stray or feral animals through our reduced cost spay/neuter program.
Be sure to visit our Spay/Neuter Page
for more details.


Interested in adopting? Please check out our petfinder pet list.

We can assist people who need to find a home for an animal they have rescued by offering adoption opportunities through and Petsmart. The animal must have vet care which includes appropriate testing and vaccinations for us to assist. We do not have a shelter and are unable to take any pets. As we have foster homes available, we rescue shelter animals who are scheduled to be euthanized.

Contact us at Adoption Coordinator.


We know that one of the keys to having a pet that is a welcome family member is training, so we offer dog obedience classes in JF Gregory Park in Richmond Hill.(subject to availability of dog trainer)

Become Involved

* Email us and we will add you to our email list to keep you
   "in the loop" for Bryan Animal Caregiver news
   and happenings.

* Monthly meeting is usually (subject to change) the
   2nd Thursday of the month at 7pm at the Richmond Hill
   library. Check our community calendar for the next    meeting date.

* Volunteer opportunities:
    1. Organize/assist with fundraisers

    2. Promote spay/neuter at local events

    3. Foster homeless dog or cat

    4. Be an adoption partner for a foster home

    5. Answer voice mail

    6. Help with dog obedience

    7. Handle media contacts: community notices,
        newsletters, Critter magazine

    8. Offer your own special skills and talents!





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