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Our Pet List Go to available horses on the left. Jeanie, a sweet 1 y o mule, Cassie, an Appaloosa large pony who trail rides great, Social Diva, a 1 year old Thoroughbred filly that hadtwo accidents. She needs love and care. Many more need your help. We have more horses for adoption and get new arrivals regularly.

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We have outgrown our rescue farm and we are looking to expand to a larger location. We need 100 or more acres within 3 hours of Atlanta, GA so we can run both facilities and help all the needy horses. It's heartbreaking to turn horses away just because we don't have the room. We also need foster homes for temporary care, too.

Who We Are

Mission Statement The mission of The Horse Rescue, Relief & Retirement Fund, Inc. (HRRRFI) is to improve the quality of life for all horses and thereby improve the lives of people through their human band with horses. We are committed to the rescue and rehabilitation of horse and equine suffering from abuse and to the successful retirement of working horses and equine. We also aim to improve the public awareness and knowledge of the standards of care necessary to keep equines healthy and safe. Our Mission and Philosophy is Reflected in our Programs Equines have an ability to improve the quality of life, health and well being for people with disabilities. Through therapeutic and enjoyable equine activities, riders learn horsemanship that stimulates physical, mental and emotional growth. Our "Dreams of Courage" program uses the rescued horses to help disabled children and adults improve their lives through the movement and involvement with these horses. On the back of a horse, a disabled person becomes equal and rides beside able-bodied persons. Working with horses can also give a therapeutic effect on people struggling with psychological problems. In our ongoing attempt to establish equine rescue services. It became apparent that the level of equine knowledge and care amongst equine owners often does not measure up to the standard of care necessary to keep a horse healthy and safe. The HRRRFI offers ongoing educational classes and clinics for horse owners and enthusiasts, as well as for our volunteers. Our primary goal is to save the horses (see We do rescues at all times, but particularly in times of despair and crisis. Our organization is made up of volunteers with a mission to stop horses from being sent to slaughter or abuse. With that in mind, we have made the commitment that any horse send here will not be sold or sent to slaughter. We will, however, have equines put down humanely, if the quality of life is suffering. Background The Horse Rescue, Relief and Retirement Fund, Inc. was created to address the urgent need for rescue services and equine public education. We are an all-volunteer organization operating solely on tax-deductible donations to our 501(c) 3 non-profit corporation.

Adopting a friend

Horses come from may backgrounds and many have special needs. Some are rideable and some are companions. If you have pasture space or a stall and have it in your heart to help a horse, please consider adopting a companion horse who needs love and kindness. Horses sometimes come from abused circumstances and need to learn to trust humans again. It may be a slow process but the rewards are worth the time. Some horses have been near starvation and need a regular feeding schedule and good hay or grass. Horses have done so much for civilizations all over the world. They let us train them to help us. They have carried our soldiers to war, taken our ancestors across the country, plowed our fields, taught our children about responsibility, helped handicapped riders become equal with other riders, won our races and our hearts. We cannot let them be slaughters and turned into 'steak dinner' for foreign countries that eat horsemeat. Help us help them.

Come Visit Us! Directions from east or west: Check the website ( for directions. We are NE of Atlanta, GA between Cumming and Canton in Ducktown.
Horse Rescue Relief and Retirement Fund Inc.
1768 Newt Green Road

Cumming GA 30040
Phone: 770/886-5419 Email:
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