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WISH LIST To help GA Samoyed rescue, please email: To help ALL samoyed rescues who apply for financial aid, go to and donate to sponsor a rescue dog needing medical help. All donations to Sam-Urgency are tax deductible. Contact Sam-Ur by emailing

Who We Are

Georgia Samoyed Rescue is mostly referral, but we have and still do rescue samoyeds of all ages from shelters, and bad situations. All dogs are spay/neutered and have their shots updated before being rehomed. Sick shelter dogs are vetted and stay in a foster situation until they are ready to be adopted. In addition we assist other samoyed rescuers out of state in networking to see that as many sammies in shelters or bad situations are saved. We also counsel owners to help them help their sammies, and refer adopters directly to shelters when appropriate. Read about, learn about and see us and other samoyed rescues at

Adopting a friend

To adopt, we ask for an application to be filled out and an interview. Most of our best homes are former sammy owners or people adding another sammy to their pack.
GA Samoyed Rescue Phone: 770-725-9372
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