Just One Litter Pet Adoptions

Just One Litter Pet Adoptions

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Who We Are:

We are a group of foster homes each fostering "just one litter" of needy animals. If we were all willing to open our homes and foster just one litter of puppies or kittens each year, it would be a tremendous help to reduce the overwhelming number of animals euthanized in the metro Atlanta shelters!
We don't have a shelter and can't accept stray animals. However, we will help find homes for the unwanted/stray animals for anyone who is able/willing to foster them in their own home.
In the State of Georgia you are required to obtain an animal shelter license (or be covered under a licensed animal shelter) should you choose to foster more than one litter each year. This site is for anyone who is only fostering "just one litter". So... if you found that pregnant cat or dog dumped near the house and you are willing to foster, rather than bringing them to the local animal control facility where they would likely be killed, we're here to help you help them find great homes!

Adopting A Friend:

Because each litter is fostered by a different family, adoptions are by appointment only. Adoption fees for cats/kittens help cover the cost of medical fees, which includes (age appropriate): Spay/Neuter surgery, blood testing for FIV & Leukemia, rabies & all FVRCP vaccinations, fecal tests, deworming medication, flea & ear mite treatment & prevention, nail trimming, etc. .

Just One Litter Pet Adoptions
North Metro Atlanta, GA
Email: Heather iha1278@aol.com

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