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Brownie is a 7 month old, female German Pointer/ Hound mix. She is looking forward to a loving family. .


With Be Kind To Animals week coming up in May, now is a good time to talk about what's involved with being "kind" and being a good pet owner, and also some great ways to take care of your pet. Being kind to animals involves proper care, not just playing with, and petting, your animals. In addition to spaying/neutering your pet, it's important to give them their proper medical care, including vaccinations and flea and heartworm medication. You should take your dog or cat to a vet for an annual check up. It's also important to spend time with your pets every day. This might mean walking your dog, petting your cat, or playing with your rabbit or bird. That will keep your animal socialized and also give it time just to be with you. You should also keep your animal, and it's environment, clean. This means giving your pet baths, and regularly cleaning its cage, kennel, etc. At my house, I have to walk and brush my dog everyday. I also have to be sure my dog and rabbit have fresh food and water. I have to clean out my rabbit's cage every weekend. I try to let my rabbit run around the front yard every day, or every other day. These are the things that keep my animals healthy, and happy. Another way to be kind to animals is to go to your local animal shelter when you're looking for a new pet. There are as many great pets at your local shelter as there are at many pet stores. The best pets I've ever gotten have been the ones I've rescued from my local shelter, the Humane Society of Camden County. Jake Packard

Who We Are

Thank you for viewing the animals we have for adoption at the Humane Society of Camden County (HSCC). HSCC is a non-profit organization and an open door shelter. We accept animals regardless of age and adoptability. Our facility is a place where the hungry are fed, the homeless sheltered and the abandoned given care. We exist through the generosity of many individuals and businesses who willingly donate their time and financial support. For more information visit us at our new web-site

Adopting a friend

Adoption Fees DOGS and PUPPIES - $120.00 charge per animal Adoption includes distemper/parvo vaccination, heartworm test, preventative intestinal worming and spay or neuter at the local participating veterinarian. Spay/ neutering is mandatory. Any further vaccination or veterinary care is not the responsibility of the Humane Society of Camden County. Adopters of puppies under six months of age should obtain an occult heartworm test for the animal from their veterinarian once the puppy is six months old. CATS and KITTENS - $100.00 charge per animal Two cats or kittens may be adopted at full price for the first plus spay/neuter fee for the second. Adoption includes distemper/upper respiratory vaccination and feline leukemia test, worming,spay or neuter at a participating local veterinarian. Spay/ neutering is mandatory. Any further vaccination or veterinary care is the responsibility of the new owner and is not the responsibility of the Humane Society of Camden County. We also have a special program called Seniors For Seniors. For more information, contact us at (912) 729-7141.

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We are located on S. Grove Blvd. between Highway 40 East and St. Marys Road. The facility is on the same street as the new Kingsland Post Office.
Humane Society of Camden County
P.O. Box 1270
950 S. Grove Blvd.
Kingsland, GA 31548
Phone: 912 729-7141

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