Italian Greyhound Club of America Rescue - Georgia

Our Pet List

Italian Greyhounds are sweet, loving little dogs who barely shed, have next to no doggy odor and love to follow their people around the house. They are true companion animals! IGs are not considered easy to housetrain - it takes a great deal of patience and dedication. In general, we are looking for homes with a fenced yard and regular hours. However, we will consider other homes if they are responsible pet owners. These are not the dogs for you if you work long hours and travel frequently. Our adoption donation guidelines are $350 for puppies, $325 for dogs two and under, $300 for dogs ages three to eight, and $275 for dogs older than eight.


Check back soon to see new foster IGs looking for homes. We may have other IGs available for adoption, but not listed here.

Who We Are

We are part of a national rescue organization sponsored by the Italian Greyhound Club of America. As responsible lovers of the breed we try to help Italian Greyhounds in need by providing foster care, medical care and placement for unwanted IGs.

Adopting a friend

To find out more about Italian Greyhounds, before adopting, please go to our parent organization website at There you can download our adoption application and see pictures of other Italian Greyhounds available for adoption throughout the country. Please be advised that we check references and do homechecks before placing any of our babies that are available for adoption. Out of state adoptions will need to be facilitated by your local IG Rescue Representative.
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