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We provide a cage-free, no-kill environment for our residents with regular meals and extensive medical care. The only time our cats are caged is for medical observation (and a 15 day quarantine period upon arrival to the shelter). Once a cat has been accepted into the shelter population, it has a home for life. No cat is ever euthanized to make room for another, and euthanasia is performed ONLY when a state of terminal suffering has been diagnosed by our team of veterinarians. The cats are free to roam the shelter at will, interacting with each other, the volunteers, and visitors. Numerous "cat-trees", shelves, and toys are provided. We also have several "shy rooms" where our shy or easily-scared cats can comfortably reside away from the general population. Our cats come to us from households that can no longer care for them or as stray cats. Many of our residents arrive abused, neglected, or terribly afraid. Often times, these cats are in urgent need of medical care. Our dedicated staff of volunteers spend countless hours cuddling, grooming, and helping these cats to trust and love humans again.

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Good Mews Animal Foundation
3805 Robinson Rd.
Marietta, GA 30067
Phone: 770-499-2287


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