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Adopting families must be willing to take the Sheltie into their home as a family member, provide proper food, yearly vaccinations, monthly heartworm preventative, clean water, daily exercise, adequate grooming, and large amounts of love. Potential new homes are thoroughly pre-screened. With most Shelties, we require a fenced yard and must see children under the age of five interact with the dog prior to the adoption.

All applicants must submit an Online Adoption Application in oder to be considered to adopt one of our available dogs. Once your application is received, we will contact the veterinarian you list as a reference for their input. Please make sure to advise them we will be calling and give them permission to release information to us. After we've spoken with your vet, one of our volunteers will do a screening interview with you to get a feel for your family as a potential home for one of our Shelties, to get an understanding of what you are looking for in a companion, and to try to determine the Sheltie we have that would best fit into your environment. There are no guarantees that all applicants will be approved and no guarantees that the dog you request will be the one with whom you are matched. Our goal is to find the best possible home for the animals in our care, not necessarily to put them in the first home that is interested.

Our adoption fees are based on a sliding scale dependent on the age, sex, size, and temperament of the dog and whether or not it has special needs, and ranges from $150 - $450. All monies are pooled, and almost 100% of the adoption fees (or additional donations) go back to the dogs. It's only almost, because we do use a small portion once a year to thrown a fundraiser picnic to which all former adopters for whom we have contact info are invited, and do have minimal other expenses.

If the adopter is not satisfied with any aspect of the adoption, the dog may be returned to Sheltie Rescue of Georgia, Inc., within thirty days of the adoption date for a full refund of the adoption fee. At any point in the life of the dog past the first month after adoption, if the adopter is not able or willing to keep the dog, the dog must be returned to Sheltie Rescue of Georgia, Inc. per our adoption contract, but no refund will be issued.

Who We Are

Sheltie Rescue of Ga., Inc. is a non-profit organization, composed solely of volunteers, dedicated to saving Shetland Sheepdogs (Shelties) who have been surrendered by their owners, neglected, abused, or are strays. Established in 1994, SRG is the oldest and most respected organization of its kind in Georgia. We have placed more than 1100 dogs into permanent homes.

All "Rescued" Shelties are immediately taken to a veterinarian to be treated for any obvious medical condition, tested for heartworms and intestinal parasites, brought current on all shots (including rabies), started on heartworm and flea preventative, spayed or neutered and placed in a loving Foster Home until a suitable permanent home can be found. "Rescued" Shelties come in all ages, colors, sizes and personalities. Rarely do we have puppies under the age of (one) 1 year old.

Come Visit Us

We do not have a central facility, so there is no way to come visit us besides virtually. Our website, with all forms and additional available dogs, can be found at http://sheltierescue-ga.org.

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