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Adopting A Friend

Thank you for considering adopting a Rescue Pet from Forgotten Paws Pet Rescue, Inc. We are an all-volunteer, non-profit organization that rescues and places abandoned dogs and cats. We are active in the entire Atlanta, metro area and surrounding counties.

Adoption Process: All applicants must be 23 years of age and must complete an adoption application. Your application will be reviewed and all veterinary and personal references will be contacted. 

Home Visit / Play Date - All household members, including current pets, are required to attend the home visit. All needed repairs to fencing must be completed prior to this visit. 

Two Week Trial Adoption Period - We require this two week trial on all adoptions so that the new pet has time to get settled and their true personalities can surface. It gives the new home a chance to make sure this pet is the right fit for everyone involved. Please understand that like a child, a new pet needs time to adjust and settle in. There is an adjustment period.

Adoption Agreement and Adopton Fee

One policy to note: If you have children and you are applying for a dog, we will require you to have a physically fenced yard. Electric fencing is not acceptable in most cases but exceptions are sometimes made dependent upon the dog.

GEORGIA ADOPTIONS (See below if you are out of state)

Dogs - listed on each dog

  • Adoption Fee Includes: Spay or Neuter, Vaccinations including rabies*, if the dog is over 4 months*, Heartworm testing and treatment if necessary. Fecal and deworming, Microchip implantation and registration
  • In addition, all of our pets are treated with flea and tick prevention, and given heartworm preventative while in our care. Some older dogs have had bloodwork and dental cleanings completed if deemed necessary.
  • *Please note that puppies receive several series of shots very 3 weeks until they are 16 weeks old at which time they receive their rabies. You will be responsible for extra shots at your own veterinarian after adoption

Cats -A minimum tax deductible donation of $90 for Cats is required to offest the veterinary cost inccurred by Forgotten Paws.

  • Adoption Fee Includes: Spay or Neuter, Vaccinations including rabies, if the cat is old enough*, Feline Lukemia and Aids Testing, Fecal and deworming if necessary, Microchip Implantation and Registration,
  • In addition, all of our pets are treated with flea and tick prevention, and given heartworm preventative while in our care.



Who We Are

Forgotten Paws is a non profit animal rescue foundation staffed solely by less then a handful of volunteers.  We work hard to find the perfect fits for our homeless pets and build lasting relationships with our adoptive homes.  We at Forgotten Paws honestly feel that once we rescue a dog or cat, we are there for the animal for the rest of is life. 

We work soley on public donations only, as our volunteers work full time and we do not have a grant writter to help us find funding.  This makes things difficult but we continue to do our best and save as many wonderful pets as possible


Come Visit Us

We do not have a shelter that is open to the public at this time so all adoptions are through our website or at one our weekly Meet and Greet Events

.  If there is a dog you are interested in meeting, feel free to email us.  You will be asked to first fill out the application which is located on our main website at www.forgottenpaws.com

Upcoming Events:

Meet & Greet
Every Sunday
11 am - 2pm
*outdoor event so weather permitting
Location: "Petco at Edgewood", 1267 Caroline Street, Atlanta, Ga 30307
Off Moreland Ave, just south of Little Five Points, next to Target.
Our website, WWW.FORGOTTENPAWS.COM, offers additional photos of the dogs we have for adoption and we will happily set up meetings once an application is submitted.and approved. 
To donate to help the dogs we rescue, please go to http://forgottenpaws.com/donationspage.htm
to see where your donations will be applied. Thank you.

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