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We are moving and building a new shelter so we do not have any animals available for adoption at this time. We hope to be up and running in November. If you can help us either financially or by volunteering the help is always needed.

Who We Are

The Berrien County Humane Society Is a small, not for profit organization. Our goal is for every pet to have a good home. We encourage pet spay/neuter to reduce the unwanted pet population. As a non-profit organization, any and all donations are greatly needed and appreciated. Our organization exists, in large part, thanks to donations-----whether the donation is one of money, time, materials to build safer outdoor enclosures for animals, animal foods, bedding for animals, cleaning supplies, cat litter, or many, many other items too varied to mention here. We also need volunteers on a continious basis in order to help us in all aspects of caring for the ever increasing number of animals that are in our care. If you wish to contribute on any level to the humane society, we would love to hear from you.

Adopting a friend

We require an adoption application; this tells us a little about the potential owner and helps us to know if the chosen animal is a good match. Each new owner must sign an adoption contract. Georgia law requires that any domestic animal adopted from a shelter or pound be spayed/neutered. So in keeping with the law, we spay/neuter ALL pets BEFORE they leave the shelter. ADOPTION FEES: All pets are microchipped. Our adoption fee for all dogs is $75.00; this covers spay/neuter, rabies vaccination, Heartworm test if over 6 months old, Combo vaccination (Parvo, Distemper, etc.) & first worming. Our adoption fee for cats is $75.00; this covers spay/neuter, rabies vaccination, Feline Leukemia Test, 4-Way-Combo vaccination, and first worming. We ask new owners to take their pet to a vet within 5 days for a checkup; this is at the owners expense. If the adoption doesn't work out, we expect the pet to be returned to us; not sold or given away. We will refund the adoption fee, or replace the pet, if it is returned within 7 days.

Come Visit Us!

Hours of Operation: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday: 8:30-11:30 AM and 1:30-5:00 PM WEDNESDAYS, SUNDAYS & HOLIDAYS: CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC Everybody deserves a warm fuzzy, so why not adopt one from us?
Berrien County Humane Society
621 County Farm Road

Nashville , GA 31639
Phone: 229-686-9113

We are in the process of moving and building a new shelter so we have no animals available for adoption at this time. We hope to be up and running by November so please check back at that time.

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