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Marjorie’s Kennel is a breeder that has been repeatedly cited for violating the law and is listed as one of the 101 worst puppy mills in the country by the Humane Society. Many of the dogs either end up euthanized or having to be rescued. We are asking the Gov. Cuomo and New York Agriculture Commissioner, Richard A. Ball, to enforce Charlemagne's Law, a statute ensuring the health and care of dogs by licensed breeders. They can start with the closing of Marjorie’s Kennel.    

Some of the repeated violations included: pens with broken concrete, no protection from heat or cold when outside, puppies injured by heat lamps when brought inside, and dogs with injuries being forced to continually bear litters. The owners make accommodations, pass inspection, and then are cited again for similar things upon additional inspections.

On June 2nd, 7 of the survivors of this horrible puppy mill and their human parents traveled to Albany to deliver the petition to Patrick Hooker, Deputy Secretary for Food and Agriculture. We also met with officials in Ags and Markets to discuss the failures in inspections. Yet she remains open and 50 dogs remain trapped and suffering.

Today we say Enough is Enough.  After 40 years of dogs being abused in this horrible place, they must be freed.  Governor Cuomo and the State of NY, Shut Marjorie's Kennel Down.


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Adopting A Friend

We want these special Keeshonden (pronounced KAYZ-honden) to find the best forever homes. After all, they are the Kees To Your Heart!

If you're looking to adopt a puppy, please contact us. We can help you to find a reputable, ethical breeder if we do not have any pups available via rescue.
Please do not buy from a pet store or from a breeder who does not complete all health checks on the parents of the puppies and follow a written Code of Ethics. Let's all do everything we can to keep our breed healthy and viable!

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