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Hours of operation have changed. Special viewing times are available to be scheduled for a minimal donation. We recently implemented a by appointment only program due to the over whelming number of people visiting our facility. We ask that you e-mail MARSadopt@gmail.com  to set up an appointment for any of the services we offer and of course for surrendering or adopting a parrot.We look forward to all you imput and feedback so please let us know what you need and we will, we hope make it happen.

Adopting A Friend

We are a no fault rescue, If at first you don't get the right bird for your situation, try again till you do. Just ask us about our very own Jake, his story is an amazing one to be sure. There is the right bird for almost any bird lover, and it is our desire to make that perfect match. Here at MARS we have at any given time about 20 to 25 parrots available for adoption. Due to time constraints and lack of volunteers to work this site we cannot possibly keep it up to date with all the animals coming and going. Please e-mail MARSadopt@gmail.com for all details on the adoption process, if there is a specific bird you are looking to adopt, then again set up a time with us to come and meet them, but make sure you have filled out adoption papers in hand or on file with us when you do, so you can interact with all of them. Thank you 

Who We Are

Melbourne Avian Rescue Sanctuary or M.A.R.S. is a Florida based non-profit Corporation with a 501(c)3 designation. Established in 2008 for the purpose of rescue, rehab, boarding, and adoption of exotic birds. We are located in the Florida Space Coast region, east of Orlando in Brevard County. Our motto is 'Join M.A.R.S. HELP US REACH FOR THE STARS". Please pass the word, and visit www.marsparrots.org our official web site. You can also find us on Facebook under Florida Parrot Rescue M.A.R.S. and www.Facebook.com/marsparrots.

Come Visit Us

We invite you to come in and visit us by scheduling an appointment. We request you make an appointment using our e-mail MARSadopt@gmail.com.  Our public viewing area is outside, and  could be subject to some weather related adjustments. You must schedule an appointment to do so and have all adoption paperwork filled out and in hand when you visit us. Please consider a donation to our cause when visiting our location or visit our web site www.marsparrots.org. and www.facebook.com/marsparrots Just a quick note, volunteer availability can also cause us to be unavailable for appointments, we need three at all times to do so.  Thank-you the M.A.R.S. TEAM

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