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Dalmatian Rescue, Inc. is a 501(c)(03) organization



Dalmatian Rescue Programs

Deaf Dal Program

Dalmatian Rescue assists the hearing impaired Dals and networks through deaf dog resources and training outlets for those in need. We currently have 4 deaf Dal pups in our program. Dal Rescue assists the hearing impaired Dals whom often are not impaired at all. Deafness is a condition not a handicap for most of the breed. Every one in 10 Dal pups are born deaf and we found that over the years with irresponsible breeding, the rate increases. Basically, just a little extra attention to the needs of the deaf Dal and some creative hand/sign language is sufficient. Not to mention a very secure, safe environment. By osmosis, these deaf Dals learn just as quickly as the hearing ones and are sometime even more attentive to their surroundings as they rely heavily on visuals since they do not hear. We help them acclimate themselves to different types of environments and socialize them a lot. Education for the prospective adoptive family is very key. Once education and awareness have taken place, most families will not hesitate to adopt, especially if they have hearing pets at home. There are many resources available at the click of a finger via the internet and printed materials we provide. Finding a good support system is advisable and that's where this program can be very beneficial. Correspondence and guidance are vital after adoption.

Dal Care for Life Program

Our "care for life" program offers comfort and care for those senior Dals who will live their lives out with us since Dalmatian Rescue is a "no kill" organization. We take in older Dal's when they are abandoned by their owners. These poor Dal's are often confused and lost when they are abandoned by the only family they have ever known. We give them a family environment at our foster homes and insure the rest of their lives are high quality and not lived out lonely and in a kennel.

Dal Intensive Need Program

We regularly take in Dal's that are desperate forintense medical attention that we know will be serious investment in $$, time and love.

Our "Dal Pal" program was born as a result of those who need ongoing treatments, medication and therapy. Countless "death row" Dals impounded in what we call "high kill" shelters are given a second chance with our organization. We are the "last chance" these pets have before euthanasia. Please see the following link.

Dal Puppymill Recovery Program

While Dalmatian Rescue takes in abandoned Dalmatians from many different circumstances, the "puppymill" pups we rescue have the benefit of growing up with us, receiving proper medical care and get a good head start in life they otherwise would not receive. This also includes "backyard breeder" rescues. Our extra care and special handling key in preparing these pups for health and happiness in a new lifelong home. We have taken in over a dozen puppymill/backyard breeder puppies in the last year.

Pet's At Risk Program

Dalmatian Rescue gets numerous contacts from other people turning in or abandoning cats and dogs. We run an additional program called "Pet's At Risk" for dogs and also a center for cats.

Pet of the Month

Donate a Bed

We use Patented Kuranda Dog Beds because they are durable, chew proof and easy to clean. If you would like to donate a bed to us, click here.


Our PetFinder shelter is up and we are pleased to be a part of the PetFinder family of shelters. To help make your searching easier, we have used these guidelines for ages: BABY is 0 - 6 months, YOUNG is 6+ months to 3 years, ADULT is 3+ years to 10 years, and ELDERLY is 10+ years. We have over 80 Dalmatians available for adoption. If you do not find the Dal of your dreams on our Pet List, please contact us with your requirements. We may have the perfect Dal for you and just have not gotten him or her listed yet. Enjoy your visit and come back again soon!

Who We Are

Dalmatian Rescue, Inc. is a non-profit, no-kill rescue organization based in South Florida dedicated to the rescue, placement, education and awareness of this breed. Our organization exists due to overpopulation & popularity of the breed and is run solely on donations & adoption fees. All work done by volunteers - 100% of donations goes to Dal care. Please donate!! Use PayPal!! Major PROGRAMS: (1) Deaf Dal Care, (2) Care for Life, (3) Intensive Need, (4) Puppymill Recovery & (5) Pet's At Risk.

A Dal named Simone was our inspiration to start, please click here to read our tribute to her, also see the stories of other loved ones that have made their last run. We house, nurture and maintain abandoned, sick, abused, deaf, injured and intensive care Dalmatians. Dalmatians are a misunderstood breed and this is the reason why we see so much homelessness and abandonment. We have placed over 100 Dalmatians in the last 2 years and currently have over 50 Dalmatians in our care!!! Please click here or on "see the dals" for many of our spotted friends available for adoption. Note - we do not list all our Dal's since we have so many special care ones - they are available - but we handle those on an individual basis. So please contact us to find the perfect Dal!! !

Dalmatian Rescue, Inc. acts as a support and referral service for all adoptive families as well as all Dal owners who need help or encouragement. We at Dalmatian Rescue look forward to assisting you in this endeavor. !

And here is a word from the founder of Dalmatian Rescue, Pati Dane:

Hi there, and thank you for visiting with us here at Dalmatian Rescue. We have many sweet, loving dals just waiting for a second chance. So, come on in and browse, we are sure you will leave us with warmth in your heart for all these unwanted. Dalmatian Rescue is a very special place. If we can be of any help, please feel free to let us know by e-mailing us at admin@dalmatianrescue.com

My husband Mark and Myself are animal lovers, we are both blessed with the compassion and capacity to care for the abused, unwanted and neglected. We have been fixing broken bones and hearts for more than ten years. We acquired our first Dalmatian "Simone" ten years ago, and we started seeing the homelessness and abandonment of this magnificent breed. Not long ago, no one could imagine that Dalmatians would be so much in need of our help, we continue to move forward and hope that one day, the problems this breed faces will subside.

We can make a difference!

Lots of licks and kisses!

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Adopting a friend

  • Obtain, complete and submit an Adoption Application. Click here for PDF document
  • Fax vaccine & heartworm status of current pet(s) directly to Dalmatian Rescue at (305)940-3320
  • Home visit conducted by someone from Dalmatian Rescue
  • A visit by you to meet the prospective dog is strongly encouraged
  • Pay adoption fee of $200. This covers a portion of our costs for veterinary, foster care and/or maintenance/administrative. It allows us to continue our rescue operations for other Dal’s. This fee is non-refundable.
  • Sign the Adoption Agreement (Click here for PDF Document) and pick up your new life-long companion!!

Important health, personality and behavior information about Dalmatians

Dalmatians are beautiful, loyal, loving and intelligent dogs, but they are not perfect for everyone. Here are a few things that the staff and volunteers of Dalmatian Rescue would like you to keep in mind before applying to adopt one of these great dogs.

Full grown Dalmatians are usually 19 to 24 inches tall (about knee high to an adult) weigh, on average between 45-60 pounds. They have an average lifespan of 11-13 years, but have been known to live to the great age of 16 - 17.

Dalmatians need very life span grooming, but they do shed quite a lot. Regular brushing can help control it and shedding will be worst during certain times of the year, but be ware that they do shed. A healthy Dalmatian requires bathing no more than a few times year, unless he has investigated something particularly smelly or messy. The Dalmatian?s skin has oil glands that protect the coat and keep it water resistant. Over bathing removes the natural oil.

Dalmatians are high energy dogs who like to exercise. They make excellent walking, running, roller-blading and biking partners. Though a large fenced yard is nice. Many of our adoptive families keep their Dals happy and healthy in apartments and condos by providing them with plenty of daily activity. You can expect to spend at least 30 minutes a day exercising your Dalmatian.

Dalmatian are, in general good with children and make fine family pets. They are happiest when kept indoors and treated as part of the family. It will take some effort on the part of the adoptive family to teach their Dal the house rules. With patience and persistence, Dalmatians can become excellent house pets

Dalmatians have two unique hereditary problems: Deafness and bladder stone formations. Though deaf dogs can lead happy and productive lives an make excellent house pets, there are some special considerations. (Dalmatian Rescue test all dogs and potential adoptive families are made aware of any hearing impairment prior to adoption) Dalmatians cannot break down certain food proteins and are thus more prone to the development of bladder stones. If this condition develops, it can most often be controlled by a special prescription diet and or medication.

Adopting a Dalmatian is a serious commitment. This sensitive, loving animal will depend on you for its health, training, and future welfare. Owning any dog is not inexpensive. The adoptive family should be prepared to provide food, water and health care in addition to comfort and affection. Health care cost include regular visits to your veterinarian and the necessary year round flea control and heartworm prevention. You will be required to obtain a license for your Dalmatian in the county in which you reside and to renew that license yearly.

All dogs have potential to develop behavior problems. Though the staff and volunteers at Dalmatian Rescue are available to assist you in finding solutions to any behavior problems our adoptive families develop, it is our expectation that the adoptive families will take whatever steps necessary to solve these problems. This may mean consulting a professional dog trainer for classes or private instructions.

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