Furever Homes Animal Rescue

Furever Homes Animal Rescue

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Barn Homes Needed!!!!!

If you or anyone you know has a barn and is willing to take in some outdoor kitties from our feral cat colony, please let us know. Some of them are pretty friendly when it comes to feeding time and you can actually pet them. All cats will be spayed/neutered and receive vaccinations prior to going to their new BARN HOME. You would be responsible for feeding them and providing fresh water. Feral Strays who are not suitable for inside homes and who seek safe, permanent barn homes where they can be employed as mousers. Barn cats require an application but no adoption donation is required.

In addition to placement of sociable cats and kittens, FHAR also seeks to place feral and unsociable cats in qualified barn homes. Like our house cats, our barn cats are delivered to their new homes by a volunteer. We provide our barn cats with a cozy "cat condominium" to live in for the first few weeks of life in their new location. The crate allows the cats to acclimate to their new home without the danger of having them run away in search of their old stomping grounds. We are willing to go to great lengths for these cats - quite literally! We will gladly travel to approved barn homes within a certain mile radius to deliver our helpful mousers.

Please remember to SPAY or NEUTER your pets. Thank you!

Our Featured Pet...



Apricot is a 4 - 5 year old American Bulldog mix with a lot of personality.

This sweet girl weighs in at about 65 lb and is completely vetted. Apricot enjoys walks, rides well in the car, gets along with other doggies and is a real treasue. She is playful and silly yet affectionate and lovable! If you would like to meet this special girl please contact us to set up a meet & greet.

Who We Are

Furever Homes is a small privately run, all volunteer group. We are dedicated to the rescue and re-homing of displaced pets. Our goal is to find them a safe and responsible permanent home through adoption, where they will receive a lifetime commitment of loving care, including appropriate gentle training, exercise, and regular veterinary care. All dogs and cats in our rescue program live in foster homes where they remain until a suitable forever home can be found.

Adopting a friend

All placement inquiries are screened to enable the best possible match for both the pet and the person or family looking to adopt. Email, phone calls and meet and greets may all be used in this process. A veterinary reference and a home visit are required prior to adoption. We have a solid return policy so that any dog or cat adopted through our organization will never end up homeless or unwanted again.

What we need

Gently used sheets, towels, blanket/quilts, cat litter (Tidy cat), Yesterday's News or pine litter, papertowels, toys.........any donations are appreciated.

Foster Homes

We do not have permanent shelter space, instead, we place rescued cats in foster homes. Do you have experience caring for cats or kittens and can you provide short-term accommodations? If you would like to foster cats or kittens for Furever Homes please contact us.

Furever Homes does not have a shelter facility. We rely on a small group of foster homes. Please contact us so we can arrange for a meeting with the pet of interest. Keep in mind that although rescue is what we do, we are all volunteers with jobs, families and pets of our own. Thank you for your patience.

Furever Homes Animal Rescue
Email: FHARinfo@yahoo.com
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