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Who We are & What We do:

For 17 years, Catnip Trails was dedicated to fostering unwanted, discarded and injured pets. We have saved hundreds of dogs, cats, and even a few livestock, and helped to find all of them a forever home through our organization. While we are no longer able to foster or shelter pets at our facility, we continue to help by providing the following services:

Since we no longer foster or shelter pets, you'll rarely see pets for adoption on our "Pet List". However, Petfinder.com works with thousands of fine rescue organizations representing over two-hundred thousand animals for adoption. Conduct a search now for your perfect ball-o-fur, or visit our website for additional adoption options www.catniptrails.com/adopt.html

While you're searching for your new pet, don't forget the seniors! Senior pets have so much love to give and they deserve a home too! Often times, adult and senior pets don't come with the challenges of potty training, the "chewing" stage, or separation anxiety. They are generally settled, calm, and forever loyal. Considering a pet? Consider a senior!

As a community, we all need to work together to keep "humane" at the core of humanity! Report abuse & neglect; always adopt - never support puppy mills; and most importantly - Don't contribute to the pet over-population epidemic, ALWAYS SPAY / NEUTER your pets.

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