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Please remember to adopt a rescue cat!! Blessings to all who have adopted in the past. PLEASE CONSIDER AND ADOPT A "FAIRY CAT MOTHER" ADULT CAT!! Just as people are living longer than they did in the past, cats are living longer too. In fact, the percentage of cats over six years of age has nearly doubled in just over a decade, and there is every reason to expect that the "graying" cat population will continue to grow. Studies have shown that pets can improve your health! In fact, for nearly 25 years, research has shown that living with pets provides certain health benefits. Pets help lower blood pressure and lessen anxiety. They boost our immunity. Older pets are mellower — you don't have to worry about your lamp getting knocked over! They are better behaved, mature, calmer and dignified… and happy to climb on your lap instead of the drapes and much more likely to sleep with you through the night. They need love and are eager and ready to bond with you! Older cats make wonderful companions especially for senior humans too. They can even help you get dates!!

Pet abandonment is a punishable crime, folks! In 2011, Fairy Cat Mother rescued over 100 cats from abandonment situations. Leaving your pet to fend for itself is cruel and inhumane and also leaves your pet vulnerable to people with nefarious intentions and other predatory animals and aggressive dogs.

Reduce the Number of Pets Euthanized (killed). There is a serious pet overpopulation crisis! Just in Broward County at this time there are 300,000 + cats at large due to abandonment by irresponsible pet owners, as well as community stray cats and feral cats. About 30,000 dogs and cats were euthanized in Broward County in 2007 and 6 million dogs and cats are euthanized in the country every year because there aren't enough homes for all these pets. The number of healthy dogs and cats euthanized every year would be greatly reduced if more pet owners spay or neuter their pets.

Remember to TNR (Trap Neuter Release) Please spay and neuter feral and free roaming cats preventing them from reproducing and contributing to more cat over population.

Who We Are

"Fairy Cat Mother", Inc. Rescue and Adoptions is a Florida non-profit organization and helps 75 - 100 cats and kittens each year with a dedicated volunteer staff and a public adoption venue in Pet Supplies "Plus" store located in the Sheridan Plaza, Hollywood area of Broward County. All of these special cats need "purrfect" homes again and "Fairy Cat Mother" is committed to finding that purrfect home again for them. Some have been abandoned, separated from their homes, neglected, rescued from harms way, or surrendered by their owners for various reasons. All cats are socialized with people and many with young children, most are social with other cats, and many are even dog friendly. All are spayed or neutered, all are fully vetted by a vet clinic, and all have complete vaccinations, all are tested for FIV & Felv (Feline AIDS and Feline Leukemia). All our cats are home fostered to evaluate temperament, behavior and habits as well as time for surgery recovery and often much needed TLC. Since we do not operate a shelter, the ability to help another cat or kitten depends on the availability of foster care placement or space to show for adoption if necessary in our public adoption venue. Please open your heart and your home so that these cats may have another chance to have a furever home again. All of these cats need you!

Adopting your purrfect friend

Please contact the Fairy Cat Mother for adoption application and more information about your purrfect companion. If you can share some love, attention, and some space in your heart and your home with an orphaned kitty, you are helping to keep another cat or kitten out of a high-kill shelter. A cat in your life can add warmth, humor and peace of mind. A cat can teach your child empathy for others while keeping her secrets. If you can make the commitment, a cat is waiting to enhance your life in ways only a kindred spirit can.

Inquire about "fostering" and "volunteering".

Contact the Fairy Cat Mother about volunteer “fostering” a rescue cat. Since many rescue cats are taken from harms way or other unfortunate circumstances, fostering helps the cat to destress and helps the cat gain some comfort level and assurance in its life again. Volunteer fostering also enables the human to become familiar with the habits and behaviors of the cat, so that a better match for a new home can be better evaluated. Compatibility of both cat and owner is extremely important. The Fairy Cat Mother does not have a revolving door shelter, so until that purrfect home is found again for all the rescue kitties, the Fairy Cat Mother’s goal is to match the right cat with the right home for the enduring happiness of both cat and owner. Fostering a cat helps to achieve that ultimate goal and helps to ensure that each adopted cat stays in their new adoptive home. Also, studies have shown that home fostered pets are less likely to be returned from their adoptive homes for behavioral issues. Please contact the Fairy Cat Mother for more information to foster a rescue cat and help make a difference in an orphaned cat’s life. If you need community service hours for school, volunteer fostering can help you meet those requirements. Also, volunteering at the Fairy Cat Mother adoption center can help meet those community service volunteer requirements as well. Please contact the "Fairy Cat Mother" for more info about volunteering by email or by phone.

Come Visit Us!

For a preview of adoptable cats see the Fairy Cat Mother's website. Many of the Fairy Cat Mother's adoptable cats are fostered in private homes and others may be seen during store hours at the cat adoption venue at Pet Supplies "Plus", in the Sheridan Plaza, 4923 Sheridan St. Hollywood, 33021. The cat adoption center is located in the front of the store. Please contact the Fairy Cat Mother for an appointment to meet your purrfect companion.
Fairy Cat Mother, Inc. Rescue & Adoptions
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33311

Phone: 954-462-9393

Fax: 954-522-3703

Email: fairy.catmother@yahoo.com
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