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In addition to the adorable bunnies listed on this website we have many other house-rabbits awaiting adoption. Please call if you are looking for a particular bunny: Sherry @ 850-766-1435 any day of the week, and please leave a message if necessary. My work shifts vary and are often at odd hours (and too many!) as a CNA. Thank you for checking with TLC Rabbit Rescue, Inc.


Any donation is gratefully appreciated and goes entirely and only for health care and feeding costs of the adoptable House Rabbits.

Who We Are

TLC Rabbit Rescue, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit based in Tallahassee, FL. The rescue began in 2001. While awaiting adoption, in-residence bunnies have health check-ups by local registered veterinarians, and any observed health problem is resolved. Also, they are spayed or neutered and afterward made to feel at home, wanted and comfortable as possible. Many of these rabbits are 'Last Resort' bunnies received from local animal shelters. We try to make their transition from abandonment to new forever-home as animal-friendly as possible. Adoption fee is, at present: $70.00 (This includes the spay/neuter fee).

Adopting a friend

Secondary to health needs and acclimation to new surroundings, but equally as important, is matching each bunny with the appropriate prospective family. It is for this reason that, prior to adoption, a home visit may be necessary. House Rabbits can live ten years and more, relying on you daily for care and attention. House Rabbits arriving at our facility are often fully grown, with distinct and developed personalities.

Come Visit Us!

In addition to our work here at TLC Rabbit Rescue we work fulltime jobs, so visitation is by appointment only. Please call (if we are unavailable please leave a message via voice mail) and we WILL respond ASAP. Finding appropriate homes for these bunnies is our ultimate goal.
TLC Rabbit Rescue, Inc.

Tallahassee, FL 32317

Phone: 850-766-1435

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