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This is the Dog! has adoption shows at the PETCO in the Kohl's Shopping Center in East Homestead off of Campbell Drive (8th Street) from 12 Noon to 3pm on the 1st & 3rd Saturday of every month. If you would like to volunteer for This is the Dog!, please email for information and volunteer waiver form. Community Service hours are provided.

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Who We Are

This Is The Dog! is a 501(c)(3) non profit animal adoption and rescue group. Our mission is help stop pet overpopulation and the needless euthanasia of dogs at Miami Dade Animal Services. Every dog that we rescue will be spay/neutered before adoption. Each dog will also be given medical care, socialization and microchip before being placed in a home. Our adoption process includes an application and contract. We will also help and encourage the community to spay and neuter their dogs and cats. We are a small group of volunteers and rely on the support and donations from friends and the community. Thank you.

Adopting a friend

  1. Email for an application Complete Adoption Application and return to us by email or fax to 305-247-9127
  2. Meet with the dog at Petco or at our partner veterinary clinics
  3. Complete Adoption Contract
  4. Adoption Donation is $200 for dogs
  5. Thank you!
Spay/Neuter Policy Each year, thousands of healthy animals are euthanized in Miami. The reason is most often overpopulation. There simply isn't enough space in rescues and shelters to accommodate the thousands of animals that are found "stray" or surrendered by their owners when no longer convenient. The list of tragic reasons why healthy animals are killed goes on and on, but the core problem remains overpopulation. The cost to the community is staggering. Millions of dollars are spent each year euthanizing and disposing of our unwanted pet population, in addition to responding to constant complaints of nuisance, strays or dead animals. This is the Dog!ís goal is to educate the public in the overpopulation crisis and take a firm stand on the spay/neuter issue by requiring all animals adopted from our organization be spay/neutered. In addition, all dogs and cats in the household must be spay/neutered before we can approve an applicant to adopt one of our dogs. We realize that some people are unaware of the seriousness of homeless and unwanted pets and may have an unaltered animal. We also understand that some owners feel they are responsible, won't breed their pet, but prefer to keep their dog in a "whole" state for either personal reasons or "just not being aware" of the consequences of overpopulation. However, unless there is a legitimate medical reason for the animal to be unaltered, we allow no exceptions. Please be a responsible guardian of your pets (and your neighbor's pets, if necessary) and have them spayed or neutered. Cats and dogs should be spayed or neutered prior to sexual maturity which typically occurs around five months of age. The procedure can safely be performed on cats and dogs anytime after 8 weeks of age. The only way to stop the number of animals euthanized is to educate the public with the need to spay and neuter their dogs and cats and to stop irresponsible breeding.

Donations are very critical to our existence -- they help us to continue rescuing these dogs and to make sure that they are healthy and properly socialized before being adopted.Thank you for considering an animal from This Is The Dog! Donate online! Go to and click on PayPal's 'Donate' button. THANK YOU!!!

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This is the Dog! does not have a shelter. Our dogs are in foster homes around the county.
This Is The Dog
Serving Key West to Broward and Palm Beach and if transport is sponsored and application approved...anywhere!
This is the Dog for you!! It's worth the drive to find your furever friend!
Homestead, FL 33030
Phone: 305-508-PETS (7387)

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