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Florida Non-Profit , organization View our public reviews on www.greatnonprofits.org and view my mission and my world on Facebook at : Melissa Candow (StartingOver Animalrefuge)

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Receive $25 off your adoption fee when you play! If you are looking to adopt a puppy take this challenge! Take a PHOTO or VIDEO of you , your spouse or your kids PAYING it forward in the world and send it to me prior to adopting or while adopting and receive our Heroes Discount of $25 on your puppy you plan to adopt. help make a positive change in the world today REVIEWS ON our organization can be found on the Non-Profit review site at : www.greatnonprofits.org - Please do your research when adopting a pet. If you Can't get through when calling please keep calling or Text the phone numbers listed. We sometimes experience cell phone tower issues. There is a $20 donation (per family) required when visiting our refuge ranch. This donation WILL go towards your adoption fee if you decide to adopt a pet. Otherwise this will be a selfless act donation to go towards our efforts and otherwise displaced pets in our care. Thankyou for thinking about ADOPTING a homeless pet! ALL FIREMEN , Police Officers, active duty Military and VETS will receive $25.00 off adoption fees in honor & appreciation for their services to our country! Please bring ID or arrive in Uniform. Thankyou for serving our country and being Heroes!
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WE UPDATE OUR WEBSITE EVERY 5 DAYS! Please read our entire website and view the 3 videos below to better educate yourself on our mission, who we are and and education on adopting a rescued pet! By adopting you are saving a life ! Sorry we have shut our gates to horse rescue due to lack of funding. While we still accept donated horses there is no longer any programs operating through our organization due to lack of funding. Horses we take in wether purchased or donated will have to be healthy and sound to help raise funds to build permanent adoption area for the dogs here on our ranch or to help pay the demanding vet and feed bills. We save dogs and puppies everyday from ever landing in a shelter or right from the very doors of deathrow. We are currently located on a beautiful serene 30 acre farm in ocala, fl. Call the day you wish to visit. We can only hold a puppy if you are on your way! Your visit to our ranch will be unforgettable! There are no metal crates or rows of kennels here. You will view a beautiful horse facility with horses of all colors and sizes including our mascot pony and mini donkey "Thunderhead & Badonkadonk" both rescues too that are living their life out here. We specialize but not limited to the world of bulldogs and mastiffs! While other breeds and mixed breeds come our way every day at the end of the day my personal passion and love is for the loyal bully breeds who are often judged harshly through the media and the uneducated. Blame the Deed not the breed. Animals are almost always have people problems. For training education and problem issues please google Ceasar Milan . I often quote him. I am not an animal trainer. I am an animal behaviorist! I will match you with the right partner. I have no problem telling you "this is not the dog for you" or "this is type of dog you should have" . I want this to be a lifetime commitment. Often too many times....I am called 6 months later - 2yrs later. "I'm sorry but I have to return my dog I adopted from you" . please remember. These dogs have hearts. They have souls. They too can break! Treat an adoption like having a child. If you get a divorce. If you have to move. If life gets busy. Don't give up ....don't abandon your best friend. If theirs a will theirs a way. I have moved 6 times in 8yrs with an entire sanctuary as a single mother before I obtained our forever home. If I can do it ....so can you! This is a video I would like you to watch. It's hard to listen to. Grab a tissue box but it's the truth about homeless dogs and I promise you by the end of this video you will choose adoption and be eager to find your forever companion through rescue or shelter. Dont BUY while shelter pets Die. Adopt a homeless pet today! We are always out of space to save dogs. Adopting a dog or puppy out means we can save another ...Adopt a homeless pet and Save ANOTHER!

lexy and horses
Press the triangle to play a true life video of a peak into my world of rescue and how I got started . Growing into what I now call "Starting Over"

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"God created Man's Best Friend...He turned his name back to front and Called him ....DOG!"

Starting Over Animal Refuge makes every effort to UPDATE our pets EVERY 5 DAYS! We try to ANSWER all calls every day, if you dont get through, please keep trying or TEXT messaging is now availiable , and for YOUR convenience we schedule to accomodate you and your driving time, after all, WE want you to come and take your new family member home ASAP. We will do adoptions after hours for those who travel from out of town!

Calling hours : 9am - 9pm ( 7 days a week)
Adoption hours : 10am - 8pm ( 7 days a week)

"Cyrus" our ranch mascot wants you to donate what you can Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
  • Walmart vouchers for dogfood!
  • Collars, leashes, shampoo
  • Small litter pans
  • BLANKETS & towels (used are fine@)
  • Purina Puppy chow ( 20lb and 40 lb bags )
  • all the bleach you can give us. we need gallons and gallons
    Regrettably I am deeply saddened to announce that I had to hold Bluejay in my arms while she was humanely euthanized on 1-27-2009. She was amazing dog that was part of our organization for 4 long years. Today was very sad day in rescue. Today my heart was broken. Goodbye sweet girl. You will always remind me of why I keep fighting this war.

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    ABOUT US......

    "Starting Over Animal Refuge,inc." also known as S.O.A.R. is a 501c3 non-profit , no-kill rescue organization. spending everyday of our lives saving and housing displaced animals. The Starting Over Ranch is a little piece of heaven nestled on 30 acres in BEAUTIFUL OCALA, FL! . We save over 1000 lives a year and are constantly building new dreams on our ranch trying everyday to accomodate and make our animals happy. Countless abused, neglected, abandoned or just unwanted/displaced horses & dogs come to our ranch and are given a chance to "Start Over" the right way. With love, security & dedication as us as their Guardians for Life! Our mission in life is to give a stable, secure future to all our animals. We are not a public facility and only accept adoptions through appointments only. Our Goal in this lifetime is to save and protect the lives of the innocent. The abandoned, abused, neglected and unwanted animals. We focus on mainly puppies and dogs and once in a while I find myself rescuing a horse but we have closed our gates to horse rescue due to lack of funding. As we do not have the facility for cats at this moment. If you are coming to adopt a rescue please keep in mind that they ARE rescues! We are not breeders nor are we a pet store and we CANNOT guarantee the pets health condition , behavior or breed! Although we will not falsify these things either. If they are apparent we will point it out but most of the time it is only our Educated opinion. We want our pets to have forever homes. If you're new pet comes down with an illness or you are concerned about his/her behavior please do not hesitate to call. There's a good possibility we might be able to assist in correcting the problem. ALL Recues MUST BE RETURNED BACK TO US if you can no longer keep. You will be signing a LEGAL binding CONTRACT to that effect. We love every animal that comes our way and are doing our very best at what's handed to us. Remember we are god's hands and these animals second chance. We can take constructive criticism but don't scrutinize or judge our good intentions. Rescues are in between shelter,home and haven for the unwanted, abandoned, abused and/or neglected. We are not "HOME". Our animals will be kept sheltered with clean grounds, comforting beds and houses, roofs, daily fresh water and food 24-7. Not to mention daily attention and love. They are awaiting the warmth of a home. To crawl into your arms and sneak under the covers of your bed to give you kisses. Remember when you come here and when you leave here that we are their Angels and you are their Guardians. We donot guarantee anything but a doting companion and loyal pet. By adopting a pet from us you are agreeing to take your new pet to the vets within 48 hrs. If any major health issues are found then your adoption fee is COMPLETELY REFUNDABLE. we want to go that extra mile in protecting not only our rescues but our rescuers too! After 48 hrs your new pet is "AS IS" so please take them to the vets immedietly for a healthy puppy exam and contact us Immedietly if you're pet is experiencing a major health condition. We devote our lives to animals. They cannot judge...they cannot hate...and they forgive like no man could. We hope you find your perfect pet. Remember to take your time. Do your research and if you don't find a compatable companion through us check your local animal control as their times are limited and are only days away from being euthanized if not adopted. We Soley believe that God turned his name BACK TO FRONT and gave us "DOG" . Help save a life....and make God smile.

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    Prior to Adopting, Please........
    1. Read the entire profile of the pet you are interested in, we post all the information about the pet there, including health concerns, temperament and socialization.
    2. Research the exact breed you would like to adopt.
    3. Have a Veteranarian and for young puppies, an appointment must be made within 48 Hours.
    4. Bring your dog with you if coming to possibly adopt another adult dog.
    5. Bring your children with you when you visit.
    6. Wear clothes you dont mind getting paw prints on :)
    7. Please bring cash only. No check , money orders or cashiers checks are acceptable.
    8. Be prepared to sign an adoption contract to protect the safety and future of the pet you are adopting.
    9. MOST Adopted pets can go home SAME DAY you meet them!
    10. REMEMBER This is not Wal-Mart! This is a LIFE! Do not adopt spontaniously, for a present or just because it's cute. This will be your new family member. This will be your new child. This will be your best-friend and companion and will depend on you to love, cherish, protect and behold Til Death do you part. Starting Over Animal Refuge, inc. is devoted to helping these pets find their way to you. We want to meet you, not read answers to questions on an application, Our pets are ready to go, not wait for the ink to settle!!!! We welcome you to come and visit our puppies, play and cuddle with them, ask questions and get a real look at what rescue really is and should be! . However, our petting zoo of fur balls would really appreciate a donation when you visit, anything from bleach to new leashes or just a simple cash donation even if you're not adopting. remember we take our time out of our days to help assist you and hundreds of displaced pets. Please be courteous to Pay it Forward. Thank you and hope to see you at our Refuge Ranch soon!

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    Can't keep your beloved pet anymore? Call us we might be able to help you place your pet. If we cannot we will give you the best advice needed. Before calling any rescue or shelter please take in consideration of trying to place your pet yourself by placing an add in Craigslist.com (FREE PICTURE ADD) or in the Orlando Sentinal. Adds run 7 days for 27.00 you can call them at (407) 420-5757 . If it is a horse you are trying to place please try Horsetopia.com and place an add in the GOLD ADDS! You are almost GUARANTEED to place your pet with a new family through these classifieds! If this is NOT AN OPTION then you are more then welcome to call us for our assistance. Please do not be offended if we cannot rescue your animal. Sometimes we are very full. Adult dogs are much harder then puppies as they need more space to themselves as puppies can share their space easily. Remember we are not Gods we are only his angels and we can't save the world we can only save a life. Please be prepared to provide us with the following before surrendering your pet in rescue.. Therefore the following must be in order:
  • Call us with the details of your pet
  • Breed, size, sex, temperament.
  • Bad habits, this will not effect our decision to take your pet.
  • Health problems, this will not effect our decision to take your pet.
  • All vaccination records must be released with pet if applicable.
  • An owner release form will be signed and the pet will not be returned to you after 24 hours.
  • Please... Be able to leave a donation for your pet while he/she is here, everything helps, food, money, supplies, BLEACH, old towels, leash/collar, bowls and any toys your dog is attached to.
      Please sit down and take a moment to watch our videos. Click on the play button. Grab a napkin and be prepared to shed some tears and have your heart melted!


  • You could take the animal to Animal Control
  • Place an ad in the Orlando Sentinel under FOUND pets. FREE
  • Contact us or a VET to scan for a micro chip. FREE
  • Call me as a last resort and I will help you.
  • PLace a FREE picture add on Craigslist.com

    Like to come meet a rescue?

    READY TO ADOPT? Please call the contact person listed in the pets profile for an appointment, and if you must cancel, please be Curtious if not to us, then to the rescue and let us know, as many others would like to see the same pet. We are a first come...first served! We believe if you are really interested, you will make every effort to come asap!.. We can not hold pets for you unless prior arrangements are made. In other words... please dont call to make an apt for 2 weeks from now, this is not fair to the pet. Our goal is to place them in new homes as quickly as possible to avoid any further stress to the pet. Make sure this is a family decision, please dont call and say you still need to discuss it....... We would hope you have already done that. By no means do we want to place a pet to just get a call that someone in the family is not happy about it, and the pet must be returned. In these cases, your deposit and or adoption fee will be considered a donation for that pet, and will not be returned, we call it a "selfless act donation". I am sure you would understand, after all, YOU promised a forever home..........and YOU caused that pet to miss another family.
    • "STARTING OVER" is located in OCALA, FL. ( Central FL )
    • You can easily get to us from I-75 or Turnpike Please call and set up an appointment and a direct address will be given.
    • Melissa with "STARTING OVER ANIMAL REFUGE, Inc." E-mail: startingoverranch@gmail.com ; or Phone: (407) 280-6271 or (352) 804-9092 See our new and UNDER CONSTRUCTION website at www.startingoverranch.webs.com
      Here's some pictures of our rescue group and furry friends. Our love, compassion & dedication shines through in these moments
      For Better or Worse "til death do us part" these are my vows to you!
      Host unlimited photos at slide.com for FREE! Host unlimited photos at slide.com for FREE! Host unlimited photos at slide.com for FREE!
      Our Volunteers show them love & compassion too!
      Host unlimited photos at slide.com for FREE! Host unlimited photos at slide.com for FREE! Host unlimited photos at slide.com for FREE!
      This horse had to lose her eye....but we'll never let her lose hope.
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      Once a year we donate a horse to a troubled teen! 2gether they can get through anything!
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      "Bluejay" ..everytime I feel like giving up ....I remember her...
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  • ...these animals look up to us....let us guide them & love them their whole lives through....
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